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4. Voice Doctor. Presented by Tong Zhou, Comcast.

Comcast provides residential telephone service called Xfinity Voice. We have a goal to improve customer experience. We are investigating a new customer facing trouble-shooting tool for solving residential voice issues,…

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3. SIP Marketplace Ecosystem Health Check

SIP Marketplace Ecosystem Health Check. Presented by Bruce Page, Current Analysis. This session complements the SIPNOC technical program with a review of the current and near-future state of the SIP…

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2. Secure IP Fax – A New Standard Approach

Secure IP Fax – A New Standard Approach. Presented by James Rafferty, Human Communications. Service Providers have been implementing T.38 as an efficient way to transport fax over the Internet…

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9. Media Transcoding Platform Challenges

Media Transcoding Platform Challenges. Presented by Shrirang Jangi, Sonus Networks. SIP service providers have a need for media transcoding feature in their network to support incompatible endpoints or interconnect networks…

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