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Event Co-Sponsorship Opportunities

The SIP Forum welcomes event organizers to contact the Forum to discuss whether the SIP Forum would like to be a co-sponsor of an event. This type of co-sponsorship activity is a key function of the SIP Forum, and we welcome such inquiries.

Generally, an event must have content sessions, or show exhibition activities that directly deal with products, services, or technical discussions related to the Session Initiation Protocol. Conferences can be oriented towards the product vendor community, service providers, enterprises, or consumers.

The most ideal conferences are directly SIP-related. However, conferences involving such things as 3G applications that can be created using SIP, and others often are good matches.

In most cases, the SIP Forum can offer the following benefits to the event sponsor:

  • A banner ad on our website home page. (Note: The SIP Forum’s site has a fairly high Google Page Rank, usually hovering between 7 and 8 out of 10, and a link from the SIP Forum to your event can add a good boost to the Page Rank of your event site);
  • The same banner ad shown at random on all of the Forum’s website pages where banners are used;
  • A listing on our events listing page (which can also be reached via our monthly calendar listing);
  • Email announcements of the event to our discussion mailing list;
  • A highly-qualified pool of potential speakers drawn from our Full Member companies, and from our Technical Working Group, on which the Forum can draw to provide people to speak on topics of interest.

Most often, in exchange for providing these benefits, the SIP Forum would prefer to receive from the event sponsor:

  • Promotion of the SIP Forum as an event co-sponsor via use of its logo (and preferably a short bit of text describing the SIP Forum) on the event’s website and printed brochures;
  • The ability to find one or more speaking opportunities for one of our Full Member, or Technical Working Group representatives, or SIP Forum management;
  • Distribution (at the Forum’s option) of SIP Forum promotional material in conjunction with the event (e.g. in the event “bag,” or in specific show-related locations around the event);
  • Conference fee discounts to SIP Forum Full and Participant members (differing discounts are acceptable).

If you are an event producer that would like to make this type of arrangement with the SIP Forum, please send an email to the Managing Director, Marc Robins, We will respond quickly to your inquiry.

Website Content Requirements

  • Banner ad. The banner ad provided by the event sponsor should be approximately 400px wide by 125px tall. Banners that are taller than this will be shrunk to this height. Banners that are more square than wide therefore often do not display as well as those which take advantage of the full width available.
  • Event description. The content provided to the Forum for use on our site should include:
    • Event title
    • Event organizer (company)
    • URL for event website
    • Event dates
    • The city, and facility where the event is to be held
    • The price for attending the event
    • The discount available to SIP Forum members (if any)
    • A 2-paragraph description of the event, which should include the type of attendee that will be most interested in the event

Current SIP Forum Co-Sponsorships

The SIP Forum is currently a co-sponsor of the following industry events. Please click on the banners below to learn more about each event.

  1. SIPNOC 2024

Upcoming Events