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Enterprise STIR/SHAKEN Identity Management Using Distributed Ledger Technology

Special Webinar Session

Friday, July 23, 11:30am-12:30pm EDT

Enterprise STIR/SHAKEN Identity Management Using Distributed Ledger Technology

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Distributed Ledgers provide a decentralized immutable ledger and guarantee a single source of truth, allowing all stakeholders to validate enterprise identities to meet full attestation requirements and deliver verified calls. 

During this joint session with ATIS and First Orion, we’ll explore the benefits of Distributed Ledger Technology including:

·        Allowing for unique enterprise digital identities to be managed as a global network identity

·        Implementing an enterprise identity with distributed ledger technology in the existing STIR/SHAKEN ecosystem enables SHAKEN to meet its full potential for multiple enterprise calling scenarios

·        The telephone number used by the enterprise is recorded on the DLT network, ensuring all stakeholders instantly know who has the right to place a call using the telephone number and for what reason

·        Enhancing caller information with “Branded Phone Calls” is crucial for enterprises looking beyond base STIR/SHAKEN authentication

·        Fulfilling the requirements set forth by the regulatory bodies, distributed ledger technology ensures that the identity of every phone number can be authenticated, and all calls can be traced back to their point of origin

This webinar includes DLT API and call flow demonstrations.

Featured Speakers

Ian Deakin

Ian Deakin, Principal Technologist at ATIS is currently applying his expertise in digital transformation to advance ATIS initiatives in the areas of distributed ledger technology (DLT) and 5G vertical enablement platforms. Deakin has a 30-year career in the ICT industry, with a long-standing track record working with companies globally to define new product and service propositions, implementing emerging technologies to deliver new business lines. Before his current role at ATIS, he worked with executive-level leadership at innov8id to help organizations use blockchain innovation to facilitate change, optimize performance and productivity, and create new business models.

Prior to this, he held senior management positions leading product and technology strategies with iconectiv, CMG Telecom, Motorola, O2, and Siemens Nixdorf. He has filed three patents in the ICT area. His most recent work at ATIS involves leading the organizations’ initiative to devise and deliver a solution using DLT to help combat fraudulent/spoofed telephone calls.

Mark Himelfarb

As First Orion’s Chief Technology Officer, Mark Himelfarb is responsible for ensuring that company stays on the cutting edge of the industry by bringing to life software and solutions powering company’s product line through innovation in both methodology and technology. Backed by his 20+ years of experience in leading software engineering and systems design teams in a variety of industries, such as financial technology, benefits industry and education, Mark takes his passion for language learning, both computer and human, and pours it into pioneering novel approaches for tackling problems that First Orion’s customers face.

Prior to joining First Orion, Mark has designed and developed advanced transaction authorization, real-time processing and fraud-detection solutions for credit and debit card industry as well as pioneered the use of VOIP technology for building self-service scalable Interactive Voice Response and fax image processing systems. He started his career while working on a telemedicine research project for NASA, an experience that he considers truly shaped his future interests.

Mark believes that all conceivable problems can be solved with software, and those that can’t, simply need to be restated in a different way. In his free time, Mark enjoys travel to discover new countries, their culture, and their history.

Julie Fowler

Julie Fowler is the Director, Solution Design and Technical Sales at First Orion. With her in-depth experience in all aspects of the software lifecycle, she is a key solution architect for First Orion’s STIR/SHAKEN solution and other critical initiatives for their service provider customers.  She is also heavily involved in technical sales, the development of new product ideas as well as proof of concepts.  

Julie brings with her extensive telecommunications experience and expertise gained from roles at AT&T, T-Mobile, and Zhone Technologies, Ltd.  Julie holds multiple degrees from the University of Texas at Austin. When not working, Julie enjoys traveling participating in sports. 

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