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3. Ending the Tyranny of SIP. Presented by Mark Lindsey, ECG.

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3. Ending the Tyranny of SIP. Presented by Mark Lindsey, ECG.

Suppose you want to add a new device, or carrier peering, to your network. You might need to confirm its codec support. And precisely how it represents Calling Party (From? Remote-Party-ID? P-Asserted-Identity? P-Preferred-Identity?) And how it represents Call Forwarding (Diversion? History-Info? Remote-Party-ID?). And how it does Call Transfer (REFER? Re-INVITE?). And whether it supports Session Timers. And whether it handles media re-negotiation. And whether it handles early media. And whether it can generate ringback locally. And whether it uses symmetric signaling and media. And whether it can REGISTER. And precisely how failover works in combination with its Contact headers. And whether and how it supports Privacy management. And whether it can perform DNS lookups. And whether...

Why is SIP Interop such a hard problem? Why does it require days and weeks of testing and tweaking to be sure two SIP devices work properly with one another? How can we reduce the cost and time of SIP interop? Should we expand SIPconnect to cover everything that matters, in every situation?

This talk explores the major reasons for SIP Interop complexity, including the ramifications of the End-to-End Principle with SIP's famous modular extensibility, and proposes techniques that the industry could use to reduce the time and complexity necessary to identify the true capabilities of a new endpoint device.

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