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Leveraging Authoritative Data to Know Your Customer’s Traffic

Special Webinar Session

Monday, June 12, 3:30pm-4:30pm ET

Leveraging Authoritative Data to Know Your Customer’s Traffic

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The telecom regulatory landscape is ever-evolving. Join Somos and YouMail to discuss how, respectively, their data and tools are able to help companies take action to comply.

Focusing on the Know Your Customer’s Traffic requirements, attendees will see just how big authoritative data, when applied correctly, empowers companies to Know Their Customers and their customer’s traffic!

This session will be educational and thought-provoking to challenge the industry on new ways to dive deep into their customer’s traffic!

Presented by Jaime Zetterstrom, VP, Product Management at Somos; and Mike Rudolph, CTO & Chief Architect, at YouMail.

Featured Speakers

Jaime Zetterstrom, VP Product Management, Somos

Jaime Zetterstrom is a dedicated executive leader with 25 years of experience within the Telecom industry. As Somos’ Vice President, Product Management, Jaime continues to leverage her engineering, fraud fighting and telecom background to elevate Somos’ offerings in the Trusted Telecom Ecosystem. Jaime is an active member and acting Board member of the CFCA (Communications Fraud Control Association). Prior to Somos, Jaime continually expanded her role within Intrado Corporation, a global provider of communication and network infrastructure services. Jaime was responsible for assessing and mitigating all fraudulent and suspect usage for all Intrado business units. Jaime also played a role in Intrado’s call center management, pre and post sales, product development, agile development activities and M&A activities. Jaime’s many years of telecom experience combined with her Six Sigma black belt certification and her SAFe Certification enables her to guide Somos effectively and proactively into the future.

Mike Rudolph, CTO and Chief Architect, YouMail

Mike Rudolph is the CTO and Chief Architect of YouMail’s telephony, cybersecurity and robocall mitigation solutions that directly protect consumers, communication networks and Fortune 500 enterprises as well as power enforcement against unlawful communications. Mike holds over a dozen patents from a 20-year career spanning start-ups and public companies focused on enabling analytics, compliance, communications and process automation leveraging machine learning, artificial intelligence, expert systems and high-scale, distributed platforms. Mike holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering from UCLA.

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