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Consumer/Enterprise Trust in Branded Calling: Are We There Yet?

Consumer/Enterprise Trust in Branded Calling: Are We There Yet?

Friday, March 25, 1:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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This webinar combines branded calling, KYC, and trust topics into one webinar exploring where the gaps in enterprise identity and branded calling lie, with a focus on brand identity, ownership, vulnerabilities, and security.

We’ll discuss:

·         Available branding technologies, pros and cons

·         Where does the industry need to go to address evolving vulnerabilities

·         Success and lessons learned from branding proof of concepts completed

·         How to deploy this solution with consumer trust in mind

Moderated by Rebekah Johnson, Founder & CEO, Numeracle.

Panelists include Scott Davis, President & Co-Founder, Volie; and Linda Vandeloop, AVP External Affairs/Regulatory, AT&T and Chair, STI Governance Authority.

Rebekah Johnson, Founder & CEO, Numeracle

Rebekah Johnson is the industry’s leading expert in protecting critical omnichannel communications and preventing bad actor fraud through Numeracle’s Entity Identity Management™ platform. With over ten years of regulatory government and compliance experience, businesses have leaned on Rebekah’s expertise to guide them through the evolving complexities of maintaining successful call delivery, positive brand reputation, and customer experience in a changing ecosystem.

As the pioneer of Verified Identity for communications, Rebekah’s advocacy fighting for the delivery of wanted communications can be seen through her work across federal, industry, and trade associations. She is an active member of the FCC’s Hospital Robocall Protection Group, Chair of the Enterprise Communications Advocacy Coalition, and member of the ATIS IP-NNI Task Force, co-author of the SHAKEN standards.

Prior to founding Numeracle, Rebekah served on the FCC’s Robocall Strike Force on behalf of the Empowering Consumer Choice Working Group.

Scott Davis, President & Co-Founder, Volie

Scott Davis is President and co-founder of Volie, Inc., creators of communication software for the automotive industry. He has a history of working in the marketing and advertising industry, and is skilled in Marketing, Marketing Execution and Strategy, Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Advertising. Scott is a strong business development professional and has worked with many dealers and their service departments to successfully establish or improve their BDC’s. Scott has a BS focused on Marketing from the University of Iowa.

Linda Vandeloop, AVP External Affairs/Regulatory, AT&T and Chair, STI Governance Authority

Linda Vandeloop has over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Linda has held a variety of positions at AT&T, primarily in the Regulatory and Financial Management organizations. She currently works in AT&T’s Federal Regulatory organization in the Washington D.C. office. In her current position she is responsible for consumer and accessibility federal regulatory issues. Linda began her career in California at Pacific Bell in the Financial Management organization responsible for revenue forecasting and financial analysis of regulatory issues. She has a Masters of Administration Degree and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from the University of California, Davis.

Shameem Firoz Akhter, Engineer, Verizon

Shameem has been with Verizon since 2016 and is currently a Distinguished Engineer-Product Development on the Technology and Product Development team, primarily focusing on Robocall Blocking Solutions. Shameem led the Verizon technical team to define and scope the Cross Carrier Business Caller ID Platform. Shameem is involved with several projects, including Scalable eCommerce, Mobile Edge Computing & Telematics, Big Data Frameworks, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, IoT, Wireless Communications, Security, Core Architectures, Virtualization along with Bio-inspired computing (DARPA project). In addition, Shameem has authored a technical book, taught at universities, and championed products. Before Verizon, Shameem worked at National Labs, International Organizations; and in the Automation, Microprocessor, and Communications industries.

Lulia Barakat, Sr. Manager – Planning, Verizon

Lulia’s team at Verizon oversees the network architectural design and approach for many robocalling mitigation strategies and compliance obligations across Verizon. Our efforts touch network and consumer tools and analytics across all segments of Verizon.

Lulia has the privilege of working with leading engineers to develop architectural design, testing, and implementation of various robocall mitigation strategies such as STIR/SHAKEN, network and customer blocking solutions, as well as tools and analytics.  As a founding member of the USTelecom Robocall Working group established in 2015, Lulia and her industry peers collaborate on traceback to find the sources of illegal traffic.  She is proud to be on the forefront of innovative technology to improve the lives of our customers.  The passion and energy to address fraudulent robocalls also spills over to other fights against cancer, domestic violence and educational inequity.

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