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Links to Other Resources

Additional Technical Information about SIP

  • Henning Schulzrinne’s site
    Henning Schulzrinne of Columbia University is one of the key authors of the core SIP protocol, and many of the supporting RFCs and drafts, as well as a key researcher in the area of multimedia IP.  His SIP web pages contain a wealth of additional information for developers and other technically-oriented readers.
  • The IETF SIP Working Group, and the SIPPING Working Group pages.  The IETF is the standards body responsible for defining the SIP protocol, and the supporting RFCs and drafts.
  • The SIP School Wiki.  A community-maintained Wiki of information about SIP.
  • Tech-Invite.  A Portal devoted to SIP and surrounding technologies.

Related Protocols and Supporting Organizations

  • IETF ENUM Working Group. Enum provides DNS mappings between E.164 (phone) numbers and various IP services, including SIP.
  • IETF PINT Working Group.  Pint address connection arrangements through which Internet applications can request and enrich PSTN telephony services.

SIP for Mobile Applications

Other Communications Industry Links

  • IAB – the Internet Architecture Board
  • IESG – The internet Engineering Steering Group
  • ETSI – the European Telecommunication Standards Institute
  • ETSI TIPHON – An ETSI Project for “Telecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonization Over Networks”