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Integrating TDM into STIR/SHAKEN and An Overall Identity Assurance Framework

Special Webinar Session

Monday, June 22, 11:30am-1:00pm EST

Integrating TDM into STIR/SHAKEN and An Overall Identity Assurance Framework

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Simply put, integrating TDM into the industry’s adoption of STIR/SHAKEN is a challenge.  In fact, for most service providers the lack of a TDM solution impacts their ability to gain the full benefits of STIR/SHAKEN.  As designed, STIR/SHAKEN works well for IP-based call control and network interconnection, but if calls need to transit a TDM network for interconnection, transit a TDM switch within a network, or terminate on a TDM switch, STIR/SHAKEN does not work.

Multiple efforts are underway to define solutions that address this challenge and several alternatives have been proposed, but none have reached a consensus approval for widespread adoption and deployment.  Ribbon believes there is still room for innovative thinking to address the integration of TDM with STIR/SHAKEN and invites you to attend this webinar to hear about a proposal which takes advantage of capabilities already available in TDM switches and SS7 networks.

Using STIR/SHAKEN to verify caller identity is a critical component of an overall identity assurance framework and being able integrate TDM is vitally important.  But STIR/SHAKEN can be complemented with other analytic methods and technologies to keep up with increasingly sophisticated robocall and fraud threat vectors.  Ribbon believes that TDM can also be integrated with an identity assurance framework and will provide a proposal how that would work as well.

Additional webinar information:

  • Get the details on how to enable the transfer of STIR/SHAKEN verified attestation over TDM using ISUP
  • See how to support STIR/SHAKEN use cases for TDM interconnect or for TDM switch termination
  • Hear how the Ribbon proposal ensures backward traceability
  • Learn why this proposal incurs very little cost to implement
  • See how the use of AIN triggers, in terminating TDM switches, enables the ability to request call verification treatment from an identity assurance solution
  • Learn more about how Ribbon’s complete identity assurance solution to ensure you can restore your customer’s trust in the phone

Featured Speaker

Michael Stovenour is Ribbon’s Chief Field Architect for Core systems, responsible for defining the long-term vision of Ribbon’s cloud-based solutions for Session Border Controllers and SIP Session Routing products on a worldwide basis and for leading our customers through the transition to cloud automation of those products. In addition he has spent the past two years working closely with our North American customers on the implementation and rollout of STIR/SHAKEN and other robocalling mitigation capabilities. With Ribbon for 20 years, where he has held positions as SE Director North American Tier 1 Carriers, Network Design, and Director Verification Office Testing, Michael has helped our customers pioneer IP telephony in their core networks, roll out 4G LTE/VoLTE networks, architect IP interconnect network for IP transit services, migrate IMS services onto NFV infrastructure.

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