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Beyond the Checkmark: How Branded Calls Transform the Call Experience

Special Webinar Session

Beyond the Checkmark: How Branded Calls Transform the Call Experience

Tuesday, July 20, 11:30am-12:30pm EDT

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While STIR/SHAKEN is a major step towards curtailing call spoofing and robocalling, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Providing a personalized, branded experience with logos, call reasons, and more – backed by an assurance that the call has been authenticated – gives customers, prospects, and partners a reason to answer the phone, improves the customer experience, and enhances engagement.

Learn how leading enterprises are using branded and authenticated calls from Neustar and our partners to transform the phone channel to reach hundreds of millions of devices.

Join this session to understand:

  • See a live demonstration of the branded call experience
  • Learn what is required to implement branded calls
  • Understand use cases being deployed by leading enterprises
  • Hear about the benefits and improvements that early adopters are seeing

Moderated by Jonjie Sena, VP Product Marketing, Neustar.

Panelists include Seth Levine, Senior Epidemiologist at Virginia Department of Health; Shaan Katyal, VP at First Orion; and Bin Zhu, Lean Six Sigma/Program Leader at Medtronic; and Marybeth C. Degeorgis, VP Product Management at Neustar.

Jonjie Sena

Jonjie Sena is Vice President of Product Marketing, responsible for driving the go-to-market strategy for Neustar’s portfolio of trusted communications solutions.

During the last several years, Jonjie and his team have focused on helping businesses overcome the impacts of the robocalling epidemic and restoring trust in phone calls. 

He holds several patents in the area of personalized and authenticated communications.

Shaan Katyal

Shaan Katyal is the vice president of sales enablement for First Orion. In this role, he is responsible for the strategy, development, and delivery of solutions essential to the sales and customer success stakeholders within First Orion. His success is deeply rooted in knowing customer experience is everything and being able to deliver exceptional experiences for our customers is not easy.  Prior to First Orion, Shaan spanned the globe working with brands the likes of Adidas, eBay, Target and Forter. Most recently, Shaan was part of MarketNations founding team and lead the launch of a 3rd party Hemp CBD marketplace from scratch. Both projects required Shaan to build the systems, technology and teams needed to create exceptional end to end customer experiences.

Bin Zhu

Bin Zhu is a Lean Six Sigma/Program Leader who worked in multiple industries including Financial Services and Medical Device.  He is currently responsible for various programs and processes in which enable Medtronic Diabetes sales and services to deliver world-class life-saving patient experience, products and solutions.

Marybeth Degeorgis

Ms. Degeorgis has over 30 years’ experience in the Communications Industry. She has been with Neustar for twelve years and is currently VP of Product Management with responsibility for Neustar’s Trusted Call Solutions platform; a suite of solutions ensuring secure, accurate and enriched identity for the voice communications ecosystem.

Over the course of her career, Ms. Degeorgis has launched a number of critical solutions for Carrier, MSO and Utility market clients, both here and abroad, spanning carrier network interconnection, provisioning, billing, numbering, and now authenticated caller identity over voice networks. She has also served in leadership positions for Standards development bodies here in the US and internationally. Prior to joining Neustar, Ms. Degeorgis held technical and managerial positions with Telcordia Technologies and Verizon Communications.

Seth Levine

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