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AI SUMMIT Overview

The SIP Forum Presents:

May 6-8, 2024

Note: AI SUMMIT 2024 has concluded.

Visit the official event agenda to register and watch the webinar recordings on-demand.

For more information about the AI SUMMIT, and our upcoming SIPNOC 2024 conference, please visit the SIPNOC 2024 Overview webpage and/or contact Marc Robins, SIP Forum President and Managing Director, at


Presented by the SIP Forum, the AI SUMMIT 2024 is a special virtual conference focused on the Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Telecommunications Industry and its Impact as Friend and Foe.

This next iteration of the SIP Forum’s acclaimed virtual SUMMITS will feature a series of free-to-attend webinars, presented by the experts leading the development of AI-powered telecommunications applications and illegal Robocall and Robotext mitigation solutions, thought leaders on the current opportunities and threats that AI technology poses to providers and users of telecommunications services, and key government regulators.

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Laser Focus on Artificial Intelligence in the Telecommunication Industry

It is surely an understatement to say that Artificial Intelligence is the one of the hottest topics today as its use begins to permeate all aspects of the global technology landscape.

With the recognition that Artificial Intelligence technology offers “extraordinary potential for both promise and peril”, on October 30, 2023, the Biden Administration issued the landmark Executive Order 14110 on the Safe, Secure and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence.

This Executive Order seeks to establish a number of guiding principles, as well as standards and best practices, that will govern the responsible development of AI and proposes a coordinated, Federal Government-wide approach. In doing so, the EO tasks a number of Federal agencies to take action.

In answering this call to action, on November 15, 2023, the United States Federal Communications Commission issued a Notice of Inquiry (NOI) “In the Matter of Implications of Artificial Intelligence Technologies on Protecting Consumers from Unwanted Robocalls and Robotexts” (CG Docket No. 23-362).

In this Notice of Inquiry (NOI), the FCC seeks to better understand the implications of emerging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies as part of their ongoing efforts to protect consumers from unwanted and illegal telephone calls and text messages under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

In addition, the NOI represents an opportunity to gather information and prepare for changes in calling and texting practices that may result from new AI-influenced technologies.

The FCC also seeks information that could inform policies that anticipate how AI could help protect consumers against unwanted communications and how it could do the opposite. The inquiry includes defining AI in this context, the current state of AI use in calling and texting, the impact of emerging AI technologies on consumer privacy rights under the TCPA, and the Commission’s next steps to address these issues.

Additionally, on November 16, 2023, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) launched its Voice Cloning Challenge, an initiative that aims to encourage the development of multidisciplinary approaches—from products to policies to procedures—aimed at protecting consumers from AI-enabled voice cloning harms, such as fraud and the broader misuse of biometric data and creative content.

The latest regulatory action occurred on February 8, 2024, when the FCC announced
the unanimous adoption of a Declaratory Ruling that recognizes calls made with AI-generated
voices are “artificial” under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The ruling, which
takes effect immediately, makes voice cloning technology used in common robocall scams
targeting consumers illegal. This would give State Attorneys General across the country new
tools to go after bad actors behind these nefarious robocalls.

The SIP Forum’s AI SUMMIT will host a number of unique webinars that examine, explore and discuss these incredibly important issues.

Who Should Attend the AI SUMMIT?

The AI SUMMIT is a must-attend event for operational personnel and engineers from service providers of all stripes, for individuals who are responsible for managing Enterprise communications operations, and all others that are part of the telecommunications industry, including:

  • Telcos
  • Major Backbone Providers
  • Interconnect and Wholesale Solution Providers
  • ISPs
  • ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers)
  • Cable Operators
  • Hosted and Managed Service Providers
  • Wireless Network Operators
  • International PTTs
  • Enterprises
  • Customer Care and Contact Center Operators
  • Data Analytics Companies
  • Application Providers
  • Government Agencies and Regulators
  • Regulatory attorneys with State and Federal Jurisdictions
  • Equipment Manufacturers and Mobile Product Developers
  • Device Integration Specialists
  • Enterprise Service Assurance and IT/communications Staff
  • Digital Watermark Solutions Providers
  • AI-Powered Lead Generation Solutions Providers


The AI SUMMIT will feature a series of webinars that focus on the solutions, opportunities and risks that AI poses to the telecommunications industry and users of communication services, its role in the formulation of comprehensive solutions to eliminating illegal Robocall and Robotext fraud and spam, as well as current governmental regulatory, enforcement and legislative actions and considerations.

AI-related topics include:

  • Defining AI and the Important Differences between Discriminative and Generative AI
  • Using AI-powered tools to analyze calling patterns
  • Biometric Speech Analysis
  • Mitigating the Threat of Voice Cloning
  • The Benefits of AI-based Voice Surveys
  • Call Screening Solutions
  • AI-powered Network-based Call Blocking
  • Speech to Text Analysis
  • Exploring existing AI Risk Management Frameworks, such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) RFM
  • How wireless providers are leveraging AI technologies including the analysis of network data, identifying patterns and predicting outcomes to avoid network outages
  • AI-powered Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • AI-powered Customer Engagement Tools
  • AI-powered Intelligent Routing
  • Optimizing Product Delivery with AI
  • The Benefits of Digital Watermarking Solutions
  • Best Practices for AI Risk Management
  • Developing Clear Guidance to the Calling Industry
  • Discussion of TCPA-related Consent Requirements and Associated Remedies
  • The Relevance of the ECPA/Wiretap Act in Formulating Policy
  • Using AI to Assist People with Disabilities
  • The Role of “Know Your Customer (KYC)” Strategies in Differentiating between Good and Bad AI-powered Communications
  • Concerns and Discussion re: preventing Discriminatory Behavior (i.e. call blocking, mislabeling and missing call presentation information) at the Terminating End of the Call Path
  • And Much More!

AI SUMMIT Webinar Registrations

Registrations for the AI SUMMIT webinars are officially open! All registrations are FREE, and register for as many as you like!

Visit the AI SUMMIT Agenda webpage here to register today!

For more information, send an email to or call +1-203-829-6307.

AI SUMMIT Sponsors

We are very proud to have the following companies support AI SUMMIT 2024 through their generous support as event sponsors:

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Become an AI SUMMIT Webinar and Event Sponsor!

There are a very limited number of sponsorship opportunities available for companies offering AI thought-leadership and AI-powered services and solutions to the telecommunications industry.

For more information about sponsorship options, please contact Marc Robins, SIP Forum President and Managing Director, at, or call +1-203-829-6307.

For More Information

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