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Enterprise STIR/SHAKEN PoC – Restoring Trust to Enterprise Originated Voice Calls

Special Webinar Session

Tuesday, June 23, 11:30am-1:00pm EST

Enterprise STIR/SHAKEN PoC – Restoring Trust to Enterprise Originated Voice Calls

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The focus of this webinar is on describing the unique challenges associated with awarding A-level attestation to enterprise originated calls.

NetNumber, Somos and Comcast are working with multiple industry participants to explore solutions for empowering enterprise customers to achieve full A-level attestation of voice calls.  PoC implementation work is underway with enterprise customers and their trusted outbound calling vendors.  The definition of success is delivery of verified enterprise calls with the correct calling-name display, enterprise logo/icon and an optional text description of the reason for the call. 

Key insights we’ll share during this webinar include:

  • Role of third-party business process outsourcing (BPO) vendors in originating many outbound enterprise calls.
  • Explanation of the complexity of enterprise originated calls and the challenges associated with awarding calls A-level attestation.
  • Role of SHAKEN delegate certificates in enterprise use-cases.
  • Enterprise “know your customer” vetting requirements and expectations.
  • Verification of enterprise right-to-use toll-free (TFN) and geographic telephone number (TN) resouces.
  • Mechanisms for efficiently and securely signing outbound enterprise calls within the STIR/SHAKEN ecosystem.

Featured Speakers

Douglas Ranalli, Founder – NetNumber, Inc.

Douglas Ranalli is the founder of NetNumber, Inc.  He also serves as vice president of Products and Strategy for NetNumber Global Data Services.  Ranalli founded the company with the goal of simplifying the migration of SS7/C7 signaling to next-generation signaling while enabling service-providers to continue to use telephone numbers to identify subscribers.  Ranalli provides the vision for simplifying the complex service-control problem faced by all communications service providers. Finding a way to take a complex technical subject and make it easy to understand is one of his greatest strengths. 

Ranalli’s ability to look at a highly complex system and identify ways to simplify the environment has led him to start several successful companies including Fax International, an international fax-over-IP service provider, and Student Life, a magazine for college students that was purchased by Time Inc in 1987.

Ranalli has been awarded five communications related patents, and he is the subject of several case studies developed by the Harvard Business School that are incorporated into MBA programs around the world. 

Ranalli holds a BS With Distinction in Industrial Engineering from Cornell University, and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.  He is the recipient of the Baker Scholar award, Harvard’s highest honor for business school graduates.

David Stewart, VP Business Development, Somos, Inc.

David is responsible for leading development of all new business opportunities and strategic alliances for Somos. As a member of Somos’ executive leadership team he builds and maintains strategic relationships with industry and external stakeholders. 

David brings over twenty years of business development experience in global technology infrastructure.  Before joining Somos in 2017, he was Vice President for Sales, Marketing, Product and Strategic Partners at Public Interest Registry, the operator of the .org top level domain name.  Prior to that he was Vice President for Strategic Partnerships at Verisign for the world’s largest domain Registry operating .com, .net, .edu and .tv among others.

David spent several years in the London and Reston offices of Concert Communications, a joint venture between British Telecom and AT&T.  Before leaving his native Australia, David started his professional career at KPMG.  He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia.

Chris Wendt,  Director, IP Comms & RTC Solutions – Comcast and Co-Chair SIP Forum/ATIS IP-NNI Joint Task Force

Chris Wendt is currently Director, IP Comms & RTC Solutions at Comcast. For much of Chris’s 20+ year professional career, he has been involved in multimedia communications, from early work at Bell Labs on DSP algorithms for 3D positional audio and low-bitrate voice codec work using the MBone VoIP network, to RTSP streaming of MPEG-4 video, audio, and 3D facial animation, to his current work with Comcast on one of the largest current deployments of IMS/SIP and latest focus on RTC-based next generation communications and applications.

Chris has held positions including software architect of mobile chipset multimedia solutions, leading startup software engineering teams building video streaming services, and spent 4 years as an independent consultant on many projects involving video/audio codecs and IP streaming.

Chris is currently a co-chair of the SIP Forum/ATIS IP-NNI Joint Task Force, co-chair of the STI-GA Technical Commitee and follows closely activities in the 3GPP, IETF and W3C. He holds a BS in Music, and a BSEE, and MSEE from Drexel University in Philadelphia.

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