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2012 AGM Vote Results

At the Annual General Meeting, there were two questions on the ballot:

  • Question 1: Selection of Board of Directors
  • Question 2: Discharge of Board Member Liability


The results of the voting are as follows:

  • Question 1: The following people were elected to serve as Board of Directors members for a two-year term:
    • Mary Barnes, Polycom
    • Andrew Hutton, Siemens Enterprise Communications
    • Hadriel Kaplan, Acme Packet
    • Robert Kinder, Cox Communications
    • Gonzalo Salgueiro, Cisco Systems

These directors join Richard Shockey, Vijey Jenkal and Alan Johnston, who are in the odd year class.

We wish to thank Chris Gatch, Steve Johnson and Glenn Russell for their service on the Board.

  • Question 2: Approved — The Full Members Discharged the Directors and Managing Director of their 2012fy liability.

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