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Join as an Academic/Institutional Member

We encourage interested academic, research and relevant non-profit institutions to become Academic/Institutional Members, and to participate and have a leading role in the work of the SIP Forum.

We believe that active participation from the academic and research community will help ensure technical excellence in the work and publications of the Forum. Individuals within the academic and research community are invited to simply become Participant members, since this level of membership is free.

Academic/Institutional Members shall be legal entities that are accredited or recognized educational institutions with a focus on IP Communications and/or SIP-based technologies, research organizations or communities that are actively engaged in the research and development of SIP-based IP communications technologies, or non-profit organizations that are actively engaged in promoting and supporting SIP-based IP communications technologies and solutions. Academic/Institutional Members shall also demonstrate substantial leadership in and a good faith commitment to the purposes and objectives of the Association set forth from time to time by the Board of Directors.

To apply for Academic/Institutional Membership, please download, complete and submit this application form via email, fax or snail mail (this information is provided on the form).

Once you have completed the form, our Managing Director will contact you to obtain any additional information required to complete the application and to determine your eligibility.

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