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Benefits Comparison

Helping the SIP Forum Accomplish Its Mission

The SIP Forum is a non-profit organization dedicated to the adoption of SIP and promotion of interoperable product and service implementations. Our principal activities include:

  • Organizing SIPit (SIP Interoperability Test events);
  • Organizing SIPNOC (SIP Network Operators Conferences);
  • Organizing other events, such as the STIR/SHAKEN VIRTUAL SUMMIT and the KYC SUMMIT;
  • Organizing and providing a forum for our various Working Groups to accomplish the mission of the Forum;
  • Creating Recommendations (mostly technical) to guide implementers on how to implement SIP functionality in ways to insure high-interoperability for functions not defined by other standards bodies (such as the IETF and ITU-T);
  • Act as an authoritative voice to the industry on SIP-related matters, through speaking engagements, and other personal activities by our leadership and membership, as well as this website.

By joining as a Full member, your primary benefit is the assurance that these important functions will continue to be accomplished for the benefit of our industry.

To do so, we rely on the generosity of organizations to become Full Members and pay their dues to help us pay our extremely modest annual operating costs.

Please contact the SIP Forum’s President and Managing Director, Marc Robins, at or +1-203-829-6307 to learn more about how the Forum works to provide benefits to its Full Members. Or, simply Join now! (Note: To apply for Full Membership, please download, complete and submit the Full Member Application form via email, fax or snail mail (this information is provided on the form).

We hope your organization will join the Forum, and help us accomplish our important goals for our industry.

Benefits Comparison

The following table provides a comparison of benefits between Participant, Academic, and Full Membership levels:

Member Benefits Full Member Academic Participant
Candidate for BoD seats Always eligible As Individual Participant Members:
Only 7 can be on the board at any time
Only 7 Participant Members can be on the board
at any time
Vote in BoD Elections ×
Vote on By Laws items in General Meeting ×
Mention in SIP Forum Press Releases ×
Receive invitations to speaking opportunities at industry events ×
Receive editorial opportunities in industry publications ×
Use SIP Forum licensed trademarks ×
Promotion of Full Member-produced events in SIP Forum event calendar and associated banner ad posted to SIP Forum Website ×
Exclusive Discount for Participation in SIPconnect Certification Program ×
Exclusive SIPNOC Sponsorship and Attendee Pass Discounts ×
Exclusive STIR/SHAKEN SUMMIT Sponsorship and Attendee Pass Discounts ×
Exclusive KYC SUMMIT Sponsorship and Attendee Pass Discounts ×
Exclusive Webinar Program Discounts ×
Propose Work Items and Working/Task Groups ×
Input to Requirements Documents ×
Access to Full Members Mailing list ×
Attend SIP Forum Annual Meetings ×
Attend SIPit events × × ×
Access to All-Members Mailing list × × ×
Access to Task Group Mailing lists × × ×
Attend Task Group Meetings × × ×
Contribute IP to Recommendations × × ×
Vote on Recommendation(s) and Document Approvals × × ×
Input to Continuing Recommendation Evolution × × ×
Pre-Release Access to Recommendations × × ×
Obtain Approved Recommendations × × ×
Annual Dues $12,500 Free Free

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