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SIPNOC 2023 Conference Schedule

“Focus on the Call and Text Authentication Ecosystem”

(Final Schedule)

SIPNOC 2023 has concluded. For information about the event, please visit the SIPNOC 2023 information webpage or contact Marc Robins, SIP Forum President and SIPNOC 2023 Program Chair, at

You can access the SIPNOC 2023 presentation repository by visiting the Documents section of the SIP Forum website here:  The SIPNOC main repository is eight down from the top of the list. Simply click on it to reveal the sub-categories, with SIPNOC 2023 the first in the list. Click on that, and you will see the presentations organized into Gen’l Session Day One, Gen’l Session Day Two, and Gen’l Session Day Three sub-categories.


7:30am – 8:30am: BREAKFAST

8:30am: SIPNOC 2023 General Session Day One Begins (Belmont Ballroom)

8:30am – 8:45am: SIPNOC 2023 Welcome and Introduction. Presented by Marc Robins, SIP Forum President and Managing Director, and SIPNOC 2023 Program Chair; and Richard Shockey, Chairman of the SIP Forum and Principal, Shockey Consulting.

8:45am – 9:15am: Update of the STIR/SHAKEN Framework and IP-NNI Task Force. Presented by Martin Dolly, Lead Member Technical Staff, Core & Government/Regulatory Standards, AT&T; Co-Chair of the SIP Forum/ATIS Joint IP-NNI Task Force; and Director, SIP Forum.

9:15am – 9:45am: Call Spoofing and Mislabeling Continues to Plague the Industry – How Do We Stop It? Presented by Henry Hayter, Senior Director, Product Management, TransUnion.

9:45am – 10:30am: Special SIPNOC 2023 FCC Keynote Panel Discussion. Moderated by Zac Champ, Deputy Division Chief, Consumer Policy Division, Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau. Panelists include Jerusha Burnett, Attorney-Advisor, Consumer Policy Division, Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau; Zachary Ross, Assistant Division Chief, Competition Policy Division, Wireline Competition Bureau; and Daniel Stepanicich, Assistant Division Chief, Telecommunications Consumers Division, Enforcement Bureau.

10:30am – 11:00am: Refreshment and Networking Break (Belmont Foyer).

11:00am – 11:30am: Overview and Update of the Secure Telephone Identity Governance Authority. Presented by Linda Vandeloop, AVP External Affairs/Regulatory, AT&T and Chair, STI Governance Authority; and Brent Struthers, STI-GA Director, ATIS.

11:30am – 12:00pm: Rich Call Data (RCD) in a PASSporT? Presented by Russ Housley, Founder and Owner, Vigil Security.

12:15pm – 1:30pm: LUNCH

1:30pm – 2:00pm: Cross-Border Call Authentication. Presented by Bob Grant, Principal Product Manager, iconectiv; and Greg Rogers, Deputy General Counsel, Bandwidth, and Director, SIP Forum.

2:00pm – 2:30pm: The Future of Trusted Communications: Building a Framework for Authorization, Authentication and Action. Presented by Chris Wendt, Vice President, Systems Engineering, at Somos, Co-Chair of the IP-NNI Task Force, and Director, SIP Forum; and Jaime Zetterstrom, Vice President, Product Management at Somos.

2:30pm – 3:00pm: The Numbers Don’t Lie: Revealing the Surprising Statistics Behind Outbound Calls. Presented by Gerry Christensen, Head of Partnerships and Regulatory Compliance, Caller ID Reputation.

3:00pm – 3:30pm: Refreshment and Networking Break (Belmont Foyer)

3:30pm – 4:30pm: Robocall Regulatory Super-Session – Current Legislative, Regulatory and Enforcement Actions and Their Ramifications. Moderated by Kevin Rupy, Partner, Wiley Rein, LLP. Panelists include Phil Macres, Principal, Klein Law Group PLLC; Michael Pryor, Partner, Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP; and Glenn Richards, Partner, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP.

4:30pm – 5:00pm: How Service Providers’ Vetting Practices and Call Analytics Aid Their KYC Quest. Presented by Stacy Graham, Director of Assurance & Trust Services, Sinch.

5:00pm – 5:30pm: Scams and the Impact on Society from a Bank Perspective. Presented by Kevin Thomsen, Head of Cybercrime, Fraud Threat Management, Enterprise Protect, TD Bank Group.

7:00pm – 10:00pm: SIPNOC 2023 Attendee Welcome Reception and Dinner

7:30pm – 8:30pm: BoF Time

8:30pm – 9:30pm: BoF Time

9:30pm – 10:30pm: BoF Time


7:45am – 8:45am: BREAKFAST

9:00am: SIPNOC 2023 General Session Day Two Begins (Belmont Ballroom)

9:00am – 9:30am: Updates to and Lessons Learned from the Deployment of STIR/SHAKEN Certificate Management. Presented by Mary Barnes, Senior Advisor, TransUnion, and Director, SIP Forum.

9:30am – 10:15am: The Future of End-to-End Branded Calling Using Authentication. Moderated by Rebekah Johnson, Founder and CEO, Numeracle. Panelists include Chris Drake, Sr. Vice President, Corporate and Business Development, iconectiv; Chirag Patel, Director, Product Management, Global Network Services, Five9; and Doug Ranalli, Founder and CEO, Gated Networks.

10:15am – 10:45am: SHAKEN without the EARTHQUAKE: How to Block Calls — And When Not To. Presented by Mark Lindsey, MTS, ECG.

10:45am – 11:15am: Refreshment and Networking Break (Belmont Foyer)

11:15am – 11:45pm: Special SIPNOC 2023 Keynote: Overview of Academic Research on Call Authentication. Presented by Eric Burger, Research Professor of NextG Security, Virginia Tech Commonwealth Cyber Initiative; and Chairman Emeritus, SIP Forum.

11:45am – 12:15pm: Branded Calling Best Practices. Presented by John Marinho, Vice President Technology and Cyber Security, CTIA.

12:30pm – 1:45pm: LUNCH

1:45pm – 2:15pm: Current Developments in AI for Spam Detection. Presented by Greg Bohl, Chief Data Officer, TNS Communications.

2:15pm – 2:45pm: Industry Traceback 2023 and Beyond. Presented by Josh Bercu, Executive Director, Industry Traceback Group.

2:45pm – 3:15pm: Refreshment and Networking Break (Belmont Foyer)

3:15pm – 3:45pm: Who’s Calling? Presented by Ray Pasquale, CEO and Founder, Unified Office Inc.; and Ron Thornton, Consulting Engineer, Unified Office Inc.

3:45pm – 4:30pm: Continuing Operational Challenges of STIR/SHAKEN for Rural Operators. Moderated by Brian Ford, VP – Federal Regulatory, NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association. Panelists include Greg Rogers, Deputy General Counsel, Bandwidth, and Director, SIP Forum; and Richard Shockey, Chairman of the SIP Forum and Principal, Shockey Consulting.

4:30pm – 5:00pm: Next Generation 9-1-1 and 9-8-8 Requirements. Presented by Jon Marcy, President and CEO, Netmaker Communications.

5:00pm – 5:30pm: Special SIPNOC 2023 FTC Keynote Session: Featuring Ben Davidson, Do Not Call Program Coordinator at the Federal Trade Commission.

7:00pm – 10:00pm: SIPNOC 2023 Beer and Gear Networking Reception and Dinner

7:30pm – 8:30pm: BoF Time

8:30pm – 9:30pm: BoF Time

9:30pm – 10:30pm: BoF Time


7:45am – 8:45am: BREAKFAST

9:00am: SIPNOC 2023 General Session Day Three Begins (Belmont Ballroom)

9:00am – 9:30am: Special SIPNOC 2023 Keynote: An Overview of the STIR/SHAKEN Effort in France. Presented by Phillipe Fouquart, Senior Expert in Naming, Numbering & Addressing, Orange R&D Labs; and Patrick Bousso, Founder and Owner, Colibrix.

9:30am – 10:00am: How Can We Get People to Answer Their Phones Again? Presented by Elizabeth Addy, VP, YouMail Protective Services.

10:00am – 10:30am: Building a New Value Chain and Improved Customer Experience with Enhanced CNAM and Rich Call Data. Presented by Manoj Chaudhari, Senior Software Architect, Comcast.

10:30am – 11:00am: Refreshment and Networking Break (Belmont Foyer)

11:00am – 11:30am: Outwitting Today’s Sophisticated Fraudsters: Phone Number Intelligence Data Holds the Key. Presented by Steve Augustino, Partner, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP; and Catalin Badea, VP Product Management, Netnumber Global Data Services.

11:30am – 12:00pm: Why is Phone Spam Still a Problem? Presented by Jonathan Nelson, Director of Product Management, Hiya.

12:15pm – 1:30pm: LUNCH

1:30pm – 2:00pm: How to Extract Insights by Analyzing Millions of Robocall Audio Recordings. Presented by Dr. Bradley Reaves, Associate Professor, North Carolina State University; and Sathvik Prasad, Graduate Research Assistant and Security Researcher.

2:00pm – 2:30pm: Special SIPNOC 2023 Keynote: CLI Authentication, STIR, and SIP Overload Control in the UK. Featuring Nick Ireland, Technical and Board Secretary, NICC Standards Limited.; and Martin Simmonds, NICC Technical Steering Group and Nuisance Call and CLI Task Group Chairman, and Head of Voice Products, Business Wholesale Services, TalkTalk Telecom Group.

2:30pm – 3:00pm: Next Generation 9-1-1 for SIP Providers. Presented by Brian Rosen, Principal Consultant, Brian Rosen Technologies LLC.

3:00pm – 3:30pm: A Demonstration of the Utility of 603+. Presented by Mark Collier, Chief Technology Officer, SecureLogix.

3:30pm – 4:00pm: SIPNOC 2023 Capstone and Conclusion

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