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Mailing List Overview and Sign-up

The SIP Forum operates mailing lists for each of its working groups and task groups, as well as a general-purpose mailing list for SIP Forum Membership and another to field questions about SIP.

Please note: As a SPAM control measure, all SIP Forum working group mailing list subscriptions (except the general SIP Query “discussion” mailing list) should be from an address (domain name) that has an obvious association with SIP and IP communications technology. As a result, addresses with a gmail, hotmail, yahoo or other free mail service domain may be rejected. Please subscribe under such an email address, or if this is not possible and you want to use a free-service domain, please send an email message to providing your organizational affiliation with IP communications. We hope you understand and appreciate our desire to keep spam from our lists, and will bear with this inconvenience.

General SIP Query Mailing List – discussion

    Main Technical Working Group List (currently being used for SIPconnect work) – techwg

    ATIS/SIP Forum NNI Task Force

        SC-IT (SIPconnect Interoperability Testing) Task Group – sipconnectit

          SIPNOC News and Information (for updates about upcoming SIPNOC conferences) – sipnoc

          Upcoming Events