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4. Voice Doctor. Presented by Tong Zhou, Comcast.

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4. Voice Doctor. Presented by Tong Zhou, Comcast.

Comcast provides residential telephone service called Xfinity Voice. We have a goal to improve customer experience. We are investigating a new customer facing trouble-shooting tool for solving residential voice issues, such as no dial tone. Currently, customers need to call the customer service number to get their voice issues addressed. They also post the issues on forums for help. The customer care team uses different tools and interactive trouble-shooting guides to help customers. With the new tool, customers can click on a button on an app or a web portal to start an automated trouble-shooting process. We expect it will reduce call volume to customer service.

To implement the tool, we need to better understand different platforms, including Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), Cable Network, Voice Network, Billing System and Provisioning System, and their interactions. We will share we have learned during the investigation and the challenges we are facing. Hopefully, some of the trouble-shooting functions can be standardized to benefit the industry.

From a service provider perspective, we can collect all the necessary data to solve customer issues, or notify customers if needed. For long-term, we think it is possible to run the tool proactively based on certain events; we could solve issues before customers experience them.

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