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2016 AGM Vote Results

At the Annual General Meeting, there were two questions on the ballot:

  • Question 1: Selection of Board of Directors
  • Question 2: Discharge of Board Member Liability


The results of the voting are as follows:

  • Question 1: The following people were elected to serve as Board of Directors members for a two-year term:
    • Victor Pacual Avila – Oracle
    • Mary Barnes – MLB@Realtime Communications
    • Martin Dolly – AT&T
    • Andrew Hutton – Unify
    • Robert Kinder – Cox Communications
    • Gonzalo Salgueiro – Cisco Systems
    • Chris Wendt – Comcast

These directors join Richard Shockey, Greg Rogers, Gary Richenaker and Gernot Scheichl who are in the odd year class.

  • Question 2: Approved – The Full Members Discharged the Directors and Managing Director of their 2015fy liability.

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