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An Open Discussion on Federating Identity Data

Special Webinar Session

Wednesday, December 09, 2020 11:30am-1:00pm ET

An Open Discussion on Federating Identity Data

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There is an immense amount of identity data that is being accumulated in various segmented “data warehouses” across the telecom industry.  It is Ribbon’s belief that this pool of identity data has tremendous value for robocall and fraud mitigation if it can be effectively and securely shared.  We  think this is the right time to start the discussion on how it is possible to federate this data while also assuring the security and privacy of user identity, irrespective of network domain, modality, or provider.

Just as the definition of STIR drew upon experiences and solutions in the IP data domain by the use of certificates and public/private keys for signing and verifying caller identity, we believe there is much to learn from the precedence in the cyber security domain where there are open, community driven initiatives to share cyber threat data.

Please join us in this session to discuss:

  • Methods to access federated identity data
  • Data model options
  • Potential underlying technologies
  • Interworking with STIR/SHAKEN and SIP protocol
  • GDPR / anonymization concerns

Featured Speaker

Justin Hart

Justin serves as the Chief Technology Officer of Ribbon’s Cloud and Edge Business Unit, where he and his team are responsible for establishing product strategy and technology direction. He was previously Vice President of System Engineering and Architecture at Ribbon.

Justin has worked on every aspect of VoIP from media gateways and application servers through to SBCs, UC systems and WebRTC. His current focus is on helping transition the industry to software through virtualization into NFV/CNF and to unlock the data value in networks via Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning. Justin joined Ribbon from Sonus, where held a range of R&D based roles since joining the company in 2000.

Prior to that, he began his career writing software for telecommunications protocols. He has been awarded several patents and holds 2 BSC degrees in computing and physics.

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