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Technical WG Overview and Charter

SIP Forum Technical Working Group

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Chair: Spencer Dawkins —
Meetings: Meetings take place ad-hoc. You can keep informed about upcoming meetings by subscribing to the email list.

Working Group Charter

The SIP Forum Technical Working Group (techwg) was established in 2004.

The principal goal of the Technical Working Group (TWG) is to produce technical documents, software, training and not-for-profit services for and using SIP-based technology for a variety of applications and services.

These outputs may be the result of original research, development, or the compilation of items available elsewhere, or the result of collaboration with other industry groups.

The purpose of these outputs will be to inform, guide and stimulate the use and implementation of SIP, as well as aiding in the interoperability of commercial deployments. These outputs can be provided to the public at large, or to SIP Forum Full Members at the discretion of the TWG.

The TWG is strongly encouraged to not create work product that purports to be a “standard.” On the contrary, the TWG should strive to complement the activities of other standards bodies as may be guided by regular contact with them. Any proposed standards-like document should only be created when a consensus among these other bodies in favor of the SIP Forum creating a specific, narrowly-defined standards-like document has been indicated by a strong showing from relevant outside standards organizations. The TWG should endeavor to protect these outputs from undue influence in favor of a minority position.

In the completion of its activities, the TWG will develop white papers, briefings, seminars, working papers, definitions, requirements, bibliographies, and expert lists for use by the Forum membership on technical areas. The TWG will use official and unofficial liaisons with relevant standards bodies, including at minimum the IETF and ITU. The TWG will facilitate collaboration among Forum members as appropriate in the conduct of its activities.

The Technical Director of the TWG may, when appropriate for a given activity and at his or her election, create a Task Group within the Working Group to perform the activities required. This Task Group should be created with specific goals, milestones, and assigned resources. These Task Group may continue indefinitely, or may cease to exist at the completion of specific tasks.

The Working Group will use both member volunteers and outside consultants to accomplish its goals.

Current Activities and Initiatives

The SIP Forum is currently engaged in the following technical activities – each of which has its own Task Group that includes a unique mailing list, chairperson(s) and group of contributors.

Participation in the Working Group

The board of directors of the SIP Forum is responsible for appointing a chair(s) for this working group to coordinate the creation of the various activities of the group. The various activities are intended to be open to all members—full, academic and participant—as determined by the Task Group and the Working Group Chair(s).


The TechWG will establish various activities as required to support both its umbrella activities and those of its Task Groups. The meeting and operational schedule for each activity will be established by the chair.

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