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Is STIR/SHAKEN Getting the Job Done?

Is STIR/SHAKEN Getting the Job Done?

Monday, October 17, 2:30pm-3:30pm EDT

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While analytics and STIR/SHAKEN call authentication have reduced robocalls and call spoofing, legitimate enterprise calls are often inadvertently marked as spam or blocked by these efforts. STIR/SHAKEN relies on the Communications Service Provider (CSP) having complete information when a call is signed, but this is often not the case—especially for enterprise calls.

Join us as we tackle the following questions:

  • What were the limitations of the original STIR/SHAKEN framework?
  • How is STIR/SHAKEN handling enterprise calls today? How are calls treated?
  • How do you overcome the inconsistent treatment of calls by intermediate service providers?
  • What can an enterprise do to ensure their calls are getting answered?
  • How can an enterprise make sure their brand is not being spoofed?

Moderated by Henry Hayter, Senior Director, Product Management, Neustar, a TransUnion company.

Panelists include Jon Peterson, Vice President and Fellow, Neustar, a TransUnion company; and Mike Rudolph, CTO, YouMail.

Henry Hayter, Senior Product Director, Neustar

Henry’s background spans 25 years of working in technical and business roles for large technology firms in the telecommunications industry. Prior to joining Neustar, Henry spent 20 years working in product management, strategy, and solutions engineering roles in the mobile roaming, voice, and messaging ecosystem. Henry has also worked for each of the top 4 mobile operators in the United States in various technical leadership roles.

A perpetual learner, Henry has collected many professional certifications and is a frequent contributor and speaker to industry organizations, trade groups, and special interests. He has contributed to numerous technical and commercial standards over the years as well as providing legislative lobbyist support and expert witness consultation in patent law cases in the telecommunications arena.

Jon Peterson, Vice President and Fellow, Neustar

Mr. Peterson is a Neustar Fellow. He is very active in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), having served as co-Area Director of the Transport area from 2003 to 2006, and subsequently the Real-time Applications and Infrastructure (RAI) area from 2006 to 2009, and then the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) from 2009 to 2013.

He has considerable experience in Internet governance and the design of protocol standards. His work has also extended to numerous other standards and technical coordination organizations, including the ITU-T, the Liberty Alliance, and ICANN, where he served on the Security and Stability Advisory Committee. His primary interests are immediate personal communications, geolocation, media delivery, security, and privacy.

More recently, he is known for his work on the STIR standard, the foundational protocol for the STIR/SHAKEN anti-robocalling initiative. Previous to Neustar, Jon worked in the global architecture group at Level3 Communications.

Mike Rudolph, CTO, YouMail

Mike is currently the CTO at YouMail and for over 25 years has been leading product, technology and R&D at companies spanning advertising, background checks, access provisioning, compliance, telecommunications and cybersecurity.