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04. Using SIP to Defeat Robocalling

Presented by Mark Lindsey, ECG. When the phone rings, is it a human being or a robocall? The expensive PSTN once ensured calling was too expensive for practical robocalls, but…

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06. IETF/Standards Update

Presented by Mary Barnes, MLB@Realtime Communications and SIP Forum. This session provides an overview of current SIP and related standards activities underway in the IETF. Conferees will come away with…

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03. SIP Marketplace Ecosystem Health Check

Presented by Rena Bhattacharyya, Current Analysis. This session complements the SIPNOC technical program with a review of the current and near-future state of the SIP market ecosystem. Technical standards and…

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01. IMS/VoLTE Training Workshop

Presented by Manpreet Singh, iBasis This new workshop on IMS/VoLTE covers the evolution of the LTE network and its evolution from 3G. Attendees will be provided with a background on…

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14. A Review of SIPconnect 2.0

Authored by Andrew Hutton, Unify, and Presented by Dr. Alan Johnston. The SIPconnect 2.0 Task Group has produced a SIP Forum SIPconnect 2.0 Technical Recommendation that defines a common set…

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