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4. Voice Doctor. Presented by Tong Zhou, Comcast.

Comcast provides residential telephone service called Xfinity Voice. We have a goal to improve customer experience. We are investigating a new customer facing trouble-shooting tool for solving residential voice issues, such as no dial tone. Currently, customers need to call the customer service number to get their voice issues addressed. They also post the issues…

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3. Ending the Tyranny of SIP. Presented by Mark Lindsey, ECG.

Suppose you want to add a new device, or carrier peering, to your network. You might need to confirm its codec support. And precisely how it represents Calling Party (From? Remote-Party-ID? P-Asserted-Identity? P-Preferred-Identity?) And how it represents Call Forwarding (Diversion? History-Info? Remote-Party-ID?). And how it does Call Transfer (REFER? Re-INVITE?). And whether it supports Session…

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