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9. SIP Trunking Challenges and Solutions. Presented by Doug Sauder, Broadsoft

SIP Trunking presents unique challenges, due in part to the fact that an application server in the service provider’s network and a PBX in the enterprise’s network are both intelligent call processing platforms. Because these platforms communicate using SIP, the solution to these challenges must also be a SIP solution. While the SIPconnect recommendation provides…

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8. SIPNOC 2015 NNI Super-Session Introduction

Presented by Richard Shockey, Shockey Consulting and the SIP Forum. This session will discuss the impact and details surrounding the impending official ratification of the NNI Interconnection Routing and IP NNI Profile reports by the SIP Forum/ATIS NNI Task Force. This IP-Network to Network Interface (NNI) Joint Task Force is a cooperative effort between the…

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7. How Does FCC Net Neutrality Affect VoIP Networks?.

Presented by Mark Lindsey, ECG. This session will clarify the meaning and affects for US carriers of the FCC ruling on Network Neutrality. Because VoIP often relies on Prioritization through ISPs, and Prioritization on ISP networks has now become regulated, some VoIP carriers may be affected. It will also provide answers to these questions: What…

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