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04. Using SIP to Defeat Robocalling

Presented by Mark Lindsey, ECG. When the phone rings, is it a human being or a robocall? The expensive PSTN once ensured calling was too expensive for practical robocalls, but…

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14. A Review of SIPconnect 2.0

Authored by Andrew Hutton, Unify, and Presented by Dr. Alan Johnston. The SIPconnect 2.0 Task Group has produced a SIP Forum SIPconnect 2.0 Technical Recommendation that defines a common set…

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12a. SIPNOC 2016 NNI Super-Session – Part One

Presented by John Barnhill, GENBAND. The IP-Network to Network Interface (NNI) Joint Task Force is a cooperative effort between the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) and the SIP Forum…

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11. Call Validation Display Framework

Presented by Richard Shockey, Shockey Consulting and SIP Forum. The IETF STIR proposal envisions a method by which operators can assert the origin and validity of calls using E.164 numbers…

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10. Enhanced CNAM

Presented by Hala Mowafy, Ericsson. Enhanced Calling Name (eCNAM) is an NGN call management service that overcomes the limitations of classic circuit switched CNAM. eCNAM delivers a full length name,…

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