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6. Why Do SIP Calls Still Fail?

Presented by Gernot Scheichl, VP of Support and Services, Edgewater Networks, and SIP Forum Director. This talk will go into the SIP issues experienced in the field and examine what…

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3. SIPconnect Certification Testing Program Update

Presented by Robert Kinder, Director, Product Development, Cox Communications, and SIP Forum Director; Tim Carlin, Project Leader, UNH-IOL; and Marc Robins, President and Managing Director, SIP Forum. This session will…

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2. An Overview of SIPconnect 2.0

Presented by Andrew Hutton, Distinguished Expert, ATOS, and SIP Forum Director. The SIP Forum reached an important milestone by formally ratifying Version 2.0 of the SIPconnect Technical Recommendation on November…

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