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2. An Overview of SIPconnect 2.0

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2. An Overview of SIPconnect 2.0

Presented by Andrew Hutton, Distinguished Expert, ATOS, and SIP Forum Director.

The SIP Forum reached an important milestone by formally ratifying Version 2.0 of the SIPconnect Technical Recommendation on November 28, 2016, with the unanimous approval of the SIP Forum Board of Directors.

The SIPconnect 2.0 Technical Recommendation is a profile of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and related media aspects that enables direct connectivity between a SIP-enabled Service Provider Network and a SIP-enabled Enterprise Network. It specifies the minimal set of IETF and ITU-T standards that must be supported, provides precise guidance in the areas where the standards leave multiple implementation options, and specifies a minimal set of capabilities that should be supported by the Service Provider and Enterprise Networks.

This presentation will step SIPNOC 2017 attendees through the ratified Recommendation, examining the ways in which SIPconnect 2.0 effectively extends SIPconnect 1.1. Where SIPconnect 1.0, and 1.1 focused primarily on basic network registration, identity/privacy management, call originations, call terminations, and advanced services, the 2.0 version adds additional guidance on Security, Emergency Calling, and IPv6.

Where appropriate, recommendations from SIPconnect 1.1 have been left unchanged, although some modifications to prior recommendations have been made based on experience and feedback gathered through adoption of SIPconnect 1.1 in the industry.

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