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9. Media Transcoding Platform Challenges

Media Transcoding Platform Challenges. Presented by Shrirang Jangi, Sonus Networks. SIP service providers have a need for media transcoding feature in their network to support incompatible endpoints or interconnect networks…

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6. IETF/Standards Update

IETF/Standards Update. Presented by Mary Barnes, IETF and IAB and SIP Forum, and Andy Hutton, UNIFY and SIP Forum. This session provides an overview of current SIP and related standards…

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2. The Current State of WebRTC

The Current State of WebRTC: Presented by Alan Johnston, Avaya and SIP Forum. This presentation will cover the various technologies that combine to make up the webRTC real time communications…

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1. SIP Video Interoperability

SIP Video Interoperability. Presented by Charles Eckel, Cisco and IMTC SIP video conferencing interoperability is the primary focus of the IMTC SIP Parity Activity Group. The name “SIP Parity” reflects…

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