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Interoperability Impacts of IPv6 Interworking with Existing IPv4 SIP Implementations

This document captures potential impacts to IPv4 SIP implementations when interworking with IPv6 SIP implementations. Although some amount of interworking translation will occur at the network and application layers, an IPv4 SIP application may still encounter a SIP message with some IPv6 values in it, resulting in unforeseen error conditions. Such potential scenarios will be…

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SIP and IPv6 – Can They Get Along?

Presented by Dan York, ISOC, at SIPNOC US 2012 Coinciding with the World IPv6 Launch on June 6, 2012, production IPv6 network connectivity will be available to many more businesses and individuals. Major web sites and content providers will all enable IPv6 access to their content. Consumer electronics manufacturers are committing to providing IPv6-enabled devices.…

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