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4. Carrier Support for Codec Handling

Presented by Jack Shields, XO Communications. Customer and equipment needs over the past five years have changed. In the early days, initial carrier offerings had limited choices and made the…

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2. Panel Discussion: WebRTC

Moderated by Alan Johnston, Avaya and SIP Forum. Presenters include Steve Mckinnon, GENBAND, James Rafferty, Dialogic. This special panel discussion explored the various issues regarding the interworking between the web…

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1. SIPNOC 2013 Keynote Address by Randy Nicklas

As the Chief Technology Officer and SVP of Engineering for XO Communications, Randy Nicklas is responsible for the overall technology vision, architecture, implementation, sustaining engineering and capacity planning for the…

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6. SIP Forum Task Group Update

Introduction and Moderation by Spencer Dawkins, SIP Forum Technical Director; Presenters include Mary Barnes, Polycom and SIP Forum; Robert Kinder, Cox Communications; Carl Klatsky, Comcast; Alan Johnston, Avaya and SIP…

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5. The Growth of Robocalling SPIT

Presented by Dan Weber, Personal Time Software. Just about ten years ago, telemarketers presented the biggest threat to consumer privacy and use of the telephone system. In response to the…

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