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4. Carrier Support for Codec Handling

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4. Carrier Support for Codec Handling

Presented by Jack Shields, XO Communications.

Customer and equipment needs over the past five years have changed. In the early days, initial carrier offerings had limited choices and made the choice of non-G.711 codecs difficult.

As time progressed, competition forced a more universal service where customers were allowed the flexibility to use codecs of choice. The "job" then became to meet customer requirements at minimal cost.

Today, there is a growing trend to push codec negotiation back onto CPE equipment and concentrate on a marriage of equals. Essentially, to provide end points that offer a large range of codecs and allow and encourage end-to-end negotiation, and make carrier equipment more transparent.

This session will explore this trend, and how it can effectively lower the cost of providing service and at the same time increase call quality.

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