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Chairperson nominations for Forum Technical Working Group open

Dear SIP Forum members:

Recently the SIP Forum Board of Directors consolidated the disparate technically-oriented activities of the Forum into a new working group called the Technical Working Group (WG/TWG). The charter of this working group, and Information about the proposed scope of the working group can be found here.

The Board is now seeking nominations of candidates for Chair of this WG. The responsibilities of the Chair are described below.

This is an invitation for you to nominate yourself, or someone you believe would be appropriate for, and be willing to serve as the Chair of this group.

Please note that all WG chair positions are volunteer (non-paid) positions. However, you do receive a very real benefit from being involved in leading important activities in the advancement of the SIP protocol in products and services globally.

Nominations can be made by sending email to the mailing list for the working group. The email should include:

  • full contact information for the candidate, and
  • a brief (one) paragraph description of why the candidate is well suited to the role

Nominations are invited until January 15, 2005 (or later at the Board’s discretion). Candidates will then be interviewed by phone prior to making a final selection.

On behalf of the Board, thank you in advance.

Jay Batson
Board Chairman, and Acting General Manager

Responsibilities of the Chair of the Technical Working Group (TWG)

(As a preliminary item, note that the organization of the TWG presumes that work teams will be be created to handle individual projects as they are taken on by the TWG.)

The primary responsibilities of the TWG chair will be:

  • Working with the Forum Board of Directors and with the membership on identifying important work areas where the Forum is the appropriate organization to perform the work (e.g. the work is not better done in another organization such as the IETF, etc.);
  • Supervising the task teams created for various WG activities, including recruiting working teams and insuring creation of team leads, and making sure team activity works toward stated goals in a timely fashion;
  • Providing update reports to the Managing Director on a monthly basis in preparation for monthly Board of Directors meetings;
  • Preparing annual operating budgets for the TWG, and managing expenditures to operate within the annual plan;
  • Preparing an annual summary of TWG activities for inclusion in the Forum’s annual report to members (provided in conjunction with the Forum’s annual general meeting);
  • Assisting in occasional discussions with potential Forum full members to consider activities of interest to those potential members;
  • Coordinate activities with other Forum Working Groups as needed in order to provide assistance and technical insight into activities being performed by those WGs;
  • Other leadership-related activities appropriate to the role of TWG Chair as they arise from time to time.

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