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SIP Forum names Rohan Mahy as Chair of Newly -Formed Technical Working Group

Stockholm, Sweden (Feb 4, 2005) – The SIP Forum is pleased to announce that Rohan Mahy has accepted a position to lead a new SIP Forum Technical Working Group charged with bridging the gap between IETF specifications and industry practices. Mahy is co-chair of both the IETF SIP and SIPPING working groups, as well as industry conferences, where he is often requested for speaking engagements. He has contributed to many of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standards (RFCs) including:

  • RFC 3489: Simple Traversal of UDP through NATs (STUN)
  • RFC 3427: SIP Change Policy (BCP 67)
  • RFC 3842: SIP Event Package for Message Waiting
  • RFC 3891: The SIP Replaces Header
  • RFC 3911: The SIP Join Header

Goals set for the new Technical Working Group include producing a number of documents specifying best industry practices and making the SIP protocol and its extensions more accessible to implementers. These include: an advanced technical primer on SIP concepts, an implementers FAQ, and whitepapers which explain how the numerous SIP extensions fit together (big picture perspective) to address specific features or problems which are out of scope of the IETF to specify.

Additionally, this working group will add additional SIP protocol test tools allowing implementers to better prepare for interoperability events and certification programs as well as encourage implementation of cohesive sets of more advanced SIP functionality in feature bundles, possibly using a service mark to label these bundles.

“Rohan is a well known leader within the VoIP industry both in the IETF standards body, and is uniquely qualified to help the SIP Forum steer the proper technical path,” said Jay Batson, Board Chairman and Managing Director of the SIP Forum. “We are excited to have Rohan assume this important role in the industry, and we welcome him to the leadership team.”

Since industry volunteers complete most of the work Forum, all industry participants are encouraged to join in the activities of the Technical Working Group. The first meeting of the Technical Working Group will take place at Spring VON at a meeting on Tuesday, 8 March 2005.

Further information will be posted on the Forum website as it becomes available.

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