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IETF ID — Motivation for SIP as an application protocol for 6lowpan devices

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Create Date November 16, 2009
Last Updated November 16, 2009

The Smart Grid initiative is an effort in modernization of the electricity grid using communication technology with the primary goals of reducing energy consumption, reducing cost (utilities and consumers), increasing reliability and the creation of new services for all participants in the value chain. The core focus of this initiative is the specification of a 'Communications Overlay' network which can help facilitate intelligent communication discovery, session establishment, routing, addressing to name a few) between various nodes of the heterogeneous Smart Grid network.

One of the 'network segments' of the Smart Grid network is the Home Area Network (HAN) and how residential and/or commercial devices such as TV, washing machine, surveillance camera, etc.) interact with the smart meter/energy management system and vice-versa.

This ID submitted to the IETF by A. Roychowdhury, Hughes Systique, and S. Gouran, Home Jinni Inc., is an initial input for consideration of SIP as an appropriate application protocol for use inside devices that operate over low powered IP networks.