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6. Audio Delay: Measurement and Management

Presented by David Hiers, ADP. This session will focus on audio delay, which is among the most important metrics of conversational quality. It is also among the most difficult to measure and manage. This presentation covers ADP’s efforts to measure and manage full-path, ear-to-mouth audio delay. While commercial devices are available, ADP has developed a…

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4. Cost-Effective Interoperability Testing of Prospective SIP Customers

Presented by Jack Shields, XO Communications. This session will address a variety of SIP Trunk testing issues, and the approach XO Communications employs to enjoy more cost-effective testing. The testing approach that will be discussed has been in use for over four years at XO, which went from testing one customer every three weeks to…

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3. SIPNOC US 2012 Keynote Address

SIPNOC US 2012 Keynote Address by Henning Schulzrinne, CTO of the FCC and Professor of Engineering at the Fu Foundation School of Engineering at Columbia University.

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