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SIP Forum’s SIPit 32 Slated for September 12–16, 2016 in Durham, New Hampshire

University of New Hampshire Interoperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) to host five-day testing event; Advancing STIR and SIPBRANDY tops agenda

NORTH ANDOVER, MA (July 26, 2016) – The SIP Forum has announced that STIR and SIPBRANDY testing has been added to the agenda for the next SIP Interoperability Testing event, SIPit 32, to be held September 12-16, 2016 in Durham, New Hampshire, at the University of New Hampshire Interoperability Laboratory. The international event is open for registration to any equipment vendor, developer, carrier or other company dealing with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) implementations.

At SIPit 32, participating companies will test a variety of SIP-based applications and implementations in assorted network environments and topologies. The upcoming event expects to focus particular attention on STIR interoperability and advancing the new SIPBRANDY effort as the industry prepares for the global rollout of these next generation Internet protocols. In addition, participating companies will also exercise SIP-related telepresence and centralized conferencing applications and implementations.

Continuing a trend from earlier events, IPv6 interoperability testing will help participants uncover new, positive information surrounding interoperability of IPv6 equipment and services, particularly when implementations use a combination of IPv6 and IPv4 for media and signaling.

“SIPit 32 will once again bring together the world’s foremost equipment vendors and service providers across the IP communications industry to test and validate their SIP implementations in a live, real-world IP network setting,” said Marc Robins, SIP Forum President and Managing Director. “We expect that STIR and SIPBRANDY interop testing will be a top agenda items along with SIP trunking and IPv6 implementations, which collectively should help address key technical issues in these critical areas.”

Conducted by the SIP Forum, SIPits are the world’s premier interoperability testing events for SIP, bringing together leading SIP application developers, service providers and IP communications equipment manufacturers to ensure their SIP implementations work seamlessly together in an IP network testing environment. An important goal of the SIPit events is to help refine both the SIP protocol and its implementations, refining SIP as the global interoperable standard for real-time Internet communication services.

“The SIPit continues to be the most effective SIP testbed in the world. We constantly hear participants say a week at SIPit provides results that would have taken months to achieve with individual peerwise testing,” said Robert Sparks, chair of the SIP Forum’s Test Event Working Group and organizer of SIPit32. “This will be the 32nd SIPit, and the focus will be on advanced real-time secure communication, exploring the developing best current practices coming from the SIPBRANDY working group for securing SIP media, taking advantage of opportunistic encryption, and providing for secure centralized conferencing as specified by the PERC working group. We will have a particular focus on the technologies being developed by the STIR working group and the SIP Forum/ATIS IP-NNI task force to combat robocalling. All implementations, simple or advanced, are strongly encouraged to participate.”

SIPit is organized by the SIP Forum’s Test Event Working Group (TEWG) and serves as a “plugfest” for participating companies to perform SIP interoperability testing with other participants in a live network environment. With events rotating in the United States, Europe, and Asia, the SIP Forum has hosted 31 events around the globe. The previous event, SIPit 31, was hosted by ETSI in Nice, France.


SIPit 32 registration is open until August 29, 2016. Companies interested in attending the event can register at For information about past SIPits, please visit

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