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SIP Forum SIPIT17 Interoperability Test Event A Huge Success

Companies hold interoperability test of SIP-based products and prove maturity of the SIP standard during SIPit17.

Stockholm, Sweden (October 25, 2005) – Hotsip AB (, a leading SIP Application Server provider, announced today the successful completion of the SIP Forum’s 17th SIPit (Session Initiation Protocol SIP Interoperability Test Event), which was organized by Hotsip in cooperation with its sponsoring partners Cisco, Ingate, Intertex, Netsecure, 42Networks, and AerotechTelub. The 17th SIPit was held September 12-16, 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden. The SIPit events are the best and most active interoperability testing events for SIP-based hardware and software, and SIP services and attracts companies and participants globally.

“Hotsip finds the SIPit testing events to be one of the best ways to put the event participants’ products through the same level of rigorous usage that our customers expect each day in their environments,” states Johan Liseborn, CTO of Hotsip. Johan continues, “The results and global participant list shows that SIP is the way toward global interoperable broadband and mobile communication of the future.”

Robert Sparks, Chair of the SIP Forum’s Interoperability Testing Work Group noted, “This week has allowed us to prove the maturity of SIP technology and has provided us with excellent input to further standards work. We appreciate Hotsip’s involvement in arranging the event for the second time, the level of organization was exceptional.”

The 17th SIPit brought together 130 engineers from 68 companies spanning 16 countries to test their software and hardware for interoperability.

SIP is a signalling protocol developed and standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and is widely regarded as the global market standard not just for Internet telephony, but also for Internet conferencing, presence services, events notification and instant messaging. SIP is also being adopted by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) as part of the third generation (3G) mobile architecture ensuring for integration between future mobile and broadband networks. As well as helping SIP implementers to test – and improve – their applications, the SIPit events provide valuable feedback to both the IETF and 3GPP as part of the standards-making process.

About Hotsip

Hotsip is a leading SIP/J2EE Application Server provider for large scale broadband and 3G/IMS networks. Hotsip’s business idea is to increase value by providing new revenue opportunities for its customers through a rich offering of convergent applications. Among Hotsip’s customers are: TeliaSonera, Telenor, Ericsson, HP and Nokia. See

About SIPit and SIP Forum

The SIPit events are coordinated by the SIP Forum, an industry organization with members from the leading SIP technology companies, whose mission is to advance the adoption of products and services based on SIP. The SIP Forum directs technical activities aimed at achieving high levels of product interoperability, provides information on the benefits and capabilities of SIP, and highlights successful applications and deployments. Information at

For more information, please contact:

Mr Johan Liseborn, CTO, Hotsip

Robert Sparks, Chair of the SIP Forum’s Interoperability Testing Work Group and VP, R&D at Estacado Systems

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