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If you are a service provider, PBX developer or maker of a SIP-enabled product or service, and you are interested in the SIPconnect Certification Testing Program, this page provides the information you need.

The SIPconnect Certification Testing Program is a vehicle through which eligible companies can license the use of the SIP Forum's 'SIPconnect Certified' certification mark.  A certification mark is a special kind of mark that asserts a product or service's compliance with a registered standard. 

The "SIPconnect Certified" mark is the official brand of the leading standard for SIP Trunking products and services.

When a user sees our mark, they know they have the best chance of interoperability and broad feature support expected from a SIP Trunking product or service. 

According to the SIPconnect Certification Testing Program License Agreement, a SIPconnect 1.1 Certified product or service is one that is 100% compliant with all mandatory requirements of the SIPconnect Technical Recommendation v.1.1

The combined testing and license fee to participate in the the SIPconnect Certification Testing program is a discounted $5,000 US for Founding Sponsors of the Program; $7,500 for SIP Forum Full Member companies, and $10,000 for non-Full Members. This fee provides for a two-year term of eligibility, and is per product or service offering to be tested.

In addition, Founding Sponsors of the Program enjoy a number of additional benefits including an extended 3-year term including continuous recognition of support; benefits that carry over to subsequent program updates (i.e. SIPconnect 2.0) if they fall within the 3-year term; Priority Scheduling of Tests; Exclusive Promotional Activities; and the option to be renewed. For more information about this special sponsorship program, please contact Marc Robins, SIP Forum Managing Director, at marc "dot" robins "at"



SIPconnect 1.1 Certification Testing - Scheduling Procedures

The list of the steps one must take to successfully schedule a test and participate in the program are as follows:

  1. Contact SIP Forum Managing Director Marc Robins - marc.robins ("at")
  2. Complete SIP Forum SIPconnect 1.1 Certification Testing Program Application Form and send to SIP Forum Managing Director for committee review
  3. If approved, complete and submit License Agreement to SIP Forum
  4. Review, sign and submit IOL SIPconnect Test Service Agreement (PDF) to SIP Forum
  5. Invoice will be issued by SIP Forum and Program Participant Pays Testing Fee
  6. Request account from IOL (URL will be provided to participant directly)
  7. IOL activates account when the testing fee payment has processed, and Test Service Agreement signed
  8. View/Update Reservation for testing (URL will be provided to participant directly)
  9. Run Pre-Testing as Desired (either remote or on-site) (See Remote Testing Guide)
  10. Official Certification Testing commences as scheduled
  11. Official Testing Report issued at completion of testing by UNH-IOL
  12. Official notice of compliance or non-compliance issued to participant by SIP Forum
  13. Upon successful passing test, countersigned License Agreement will be returned to participant by SIP Forum
  14. If product or service offering does not pass testing, Program participant may request and schedule a retest within 6 months and repeat process from step 8 above.

Certification Committee members will review applications and return a response to the applicant with one of the following choices: approved, approval contingent upon confirmation of eligibility, or not approved. Certification Committee members will be given a period of two weeks to return a response.

Applications and questions may be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it



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