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9. NNI Database Research

This is an introduction to the SIPNOC 2014 NNI Super-Session – Part Two: NNI Database and Numbering Considerations. Moderator: Eric Burger, Georgetown University. Panelists include Douglas Ranalli, NetNumber; Penn Pfautz,…

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8b. NNI Charter Overview

This is an overview of the NNI Task Force charter, presented by Chris Wendt, Comcast and Co-Chair of the NNI Task Force.

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8a. IP Interconnection Profile

This presentation is part of the SIPNOC 2014 NNI Super-Session, and focuses on an overview of the IP NNI Profile. Presented by Martin, Dolly, AT&T and Co-Chair of the NNI…

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6. SIP Forum Task Group Update

SIP Forum Task Group Update: Introduction and Moderation by Spencer Dawkins, SIP Forum Technical Director; Presenters include Mary Barnes, SIP Forum and IAB; Robert Kinder, Cox Communications; Carl Klatsky, Comcast;…

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5. Is It Time For TLS For SIP?

Is It Time For TLS For SIP? Presented by Dan York, ISOC and VoIPSA With concerns about large-scale pervasive monitoring on the Internet, many groups are encouraging the increased use…

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