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Free-to-Attend virtual conference to take place October 17-21, 2022; features comprehensive webinar series focused on the Enterprise requirements, challenges, and opportunities related to the deployment of STIR/SHAKEN, as well as issues essential to the ongoing development of the STIR/SHAKEN Call Authentication Framework and the ongoing efforts to combat illegal Robocalls and Caller ID Spoofing

The SIP Forum has announced the dates of the next iteration of the STIR/SHAKEN VIRTUAL SUMMIT, which will feature a series of free-to-attend webinars presented by the experts leading the development of the STIR/SHAKEN Call Authentication Framework as well as leading companies providing solutions and deployment expertise, that will focus on the Enterprise requirements, challenges, and opportunities related to the deployment of STIR/SHAKEN, as well as a host of other issues relevant to the call authentication/Secure Telephone Identity (STI) industry eco-system including discussion of the ramifications of governmental regulatory, legislative and enforcement actions and critical security issues.

The STIR/SHAKEN ENTERPRISE SUMMIT will take place during a period of five days, from October 17 through the 21st, 2022, and will build on the success of the SIP Forum’s previous SIPNOC and STIR/SHAKEN VIRTUAL SUMMIT conferences, which have earned high praise from attendees for their educational, technical and regulatory content that focused on the real-world challenges service providers face when deploying STIR/SHAKEN.

The event will also include a special celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the publication of the Session Initiation Protocol (IETF RFC 3261). The SUMMIT will feature a number of very special keynotes and panel sessions that will include many of the original developers and pioneering implementers of the SIP standard, including Vint Cerf, Heinrich Sinnreich, Henning Schulzrinne, and David Gurle, among others!

Developed jointly by the SIP Forum and ATIS (the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions) to efficiently implement the Internet Engineering Task Force’s (IETF) STIR (for Secure Telephony Identity Revisited) standard, SHAKEN (for Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs) defines a mechanism to verify the calling number and specifies how it will be transported across communications networks.

Together, STIR/SHAKEN offers a practical mechanism to provide verified information about the calling party as well as the origin of the call — what is known as “attestation” — for the first time in the network. Giving service providers the tools needed to sign and verify calling numbers makes it possible for businesses and consumers to know, before answering, that the calls they receive are from legitimate parties.

The Pallone-Thune Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence Act, commonly known as the “TRACED Act” (S.151), was signed into law on December 30, 2019, and authorizes the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to issue additional civil penalties on individuals who intentionally violate restrictions on the use of automated telephone equipment (i.e., illegal robocalls and spoofing); and directs the FCC to require voice service providers to offer call authentication technologies (i.e., STIR/SHAKEN) to consumers.

“With this next iteration of our STIR/SHAKEN conference series, we’ll explore the impact STIR/SHAKEN has on Enterprises, including the financial services, health care and insurance industries and their contact center operations, and will examine key requirements, challenges and the opportunities presented by such emerging services as Branded Calling and Rich Call Data (RCD),” said Marc Robins, STIR/SHAKEN ENTERPRISE SUMMIT Program Chair, and SIP Forum President and Managing Director.

“We’ll also examine the impact of recent regulatory and enforcement actions, and review other timely issues essential to the successful deployment and ongoing operation of STIR/SHAKEN, such as the emergence of the 603+ call blocking notification code. Of particular note is the inclusion of a number of key developers and pioneering implementers of the SIP Standard as keynote and panel speakers in honor of the 20th Anniversary of the publication of the foundational SIP Standard RFC3261.”

The STIR/SHAKEN ENTERPRISE SUMMIT will feature timely content such as:

  • Update on the STIR/SHAKEN Framework
  • Branded Calling
  • Review of 603+ and Related Call Blocking Notification Codes Issues
  • Effective Strategies for Combating Robotexts
  • Delegate Certificates
  • The Vital Role of Call Analytics in the SHAKEN Ecosystem
  • Mitigating Foreign-Originated Robocalls
  • International Regulatory Considerations
  • Review of Recent FCC Reports and Orders and other Regulatory Activities
  • Update from the STI-GA
  • Delegated Certificates and Call Identity Challenges
  • RCD (Rich Call Data) and other Call Validation Display Framework Solutions
  • Robocall Mitigation Best-Practices
  • Considerations for Management, Performance and Troubleshooting

The STIR/SHAKEN ENTERPRISE SUMMIT will offer actionable information for all industry stakeholders in the Robocall and Caller ID Spoofing elimination/mitigation ecosystem, including telecommunications providers, major backbone operators, interconnect and wholesale solution providers, ISPs, cable operators, and wireless network operators, as well as governmental regulators and agencies, regulatory attorneys with state and federal jurisdictions, equipment manufacturers and mobile product developers, device integration specialists, large enterprise service assurance operations and IT/communications staff, government agencies, customer care/contact centers, and application providers and data analytics firms.

For More Information and to Register

For more information about the STIR/SHAKEN ENTERPRISE SUMMIT, please visit

Event registration will officially open around the middle of September, 2022 (roughly one month prior to the start of the event.)

If you are a registered SIP Forum Participant Member, are an active participant in SIP Forum task groups or have attended past SIP Forum conferences, you will receive a message about the STIR/SHAKEN ENTERPRISE SUMMIT open registration.

If you are unsure of your membership status, are not currently on any SIP Forum mailing lists, and you wish to receive additional information and notification once event registration is open, please send an email to or call +1-203-829-6307.

Sponsorship Information

There are a number of valuable event sponsorship opportunities available for companies offering STIR/SHAKEN services and solutions. For information about webinar sponsorship benefits and costs, please contact Marc Robins at +1-203-829-6307 or email

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