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SIP internet drafts statistics

  • 22 SIP related internet drafts (IETF).
  • 0 new and updated drafts posted in the last 14 days.

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Richard Shockey - SIP Forum Chairman of the Board - Shockey Consulting

Richard Shockey serves as Chair of the SIP Forum Technical Working Group, and most recently was a Director and Member of the Technical Staff for NeuStar, Inc. [www.neustar.biz] based in Suburban Washington DC. NeuStar provides a number of critical services to the communications industry including the administration of all telephone numbers in North America, management of the wireline and wireless Number Portability Administration, number pooling and OSS products for carriers. NeuStar also operates the .BIZ. Internet Top Level Domain and manages the United States Country Code domain .US for the U.S. Dept of Commerce.

Mr. Shockey is a founder and has been Co-Chair of the IETF ENUM Work Group for many years and is an author of several IETF RFC's and numerous articles on Next Generation Network technologies for various publications. Mr. Shockey has lost count of how many times he has given a speech on ENUM. Educated at Washington University in St. Louis. Mr. Shockey and his wife live in Reston, Virginia.



Mary Barnes - MLB@Realtime Communications, LLC

Mary Barnes is the Principal Consultant at MLB@Realtime Communications, LLC. Mary has been involved in system architecture and product development for real-time communication systems for over 25 years, focusing for the past 16 years on IP communications and standards development.

She applies the depth and breadth of her experience with real time architectures and protocols to a variety of activities, including advising a startup (Wrethink) on a realtime communications network architecture and related protocols, working with a cable service provider in product engineering and next generation product planning and serving as a technical expert evaluating patents and related technologies.

She is an active contributor to the IETF. She is the author of RFCs relating to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Centralized Conferencing, NAT/Firewall traversal, Geographic Location Delivery and Telepresence. She currently serves as chair of the DISPATCH working group in the Real-time Applications and Infrastructure (RAI) Area. She is also a board member of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB). She is past chair of the SIPPING and CLUE (Telepresence) WGs and the IETF Nominations Committee. Prior to joining the IAB as a board member, she served as Executive Director of the IAB. Mary also served as the Vice-chair of the Technical WG in the Unified Communications Interoperability Forum (UCIF) (since merged with the IMTC).

Prior experience includes a position as Principal Engineer in the Video Solutions Group at Polycom and various positions at Nortel. Her final role was as Senior Advisor for Nortel, leading the IETF standards strategy for the Carrier VoIP and Application Solutions business unit (now Genband). She was also a senior manager/advisor for Nortel's 3G IP research, participating in industry standards forums and prototyping a mobile IP based system. She is the inventor of several patents related to this work. She also designed and developed real-time software for Nortel's DMS-based GSM and Enterprise products. Prior to her 22 years at Nortel, Mary developed real-time embedded software for GPS and video reconnaissance systems for Texas Instruments. Mary has a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia.



John Barnhill - GENBAND

John is currently a senior member of the Office of Corporate Development at GENBAND, responsible for Regulatory Affairs and IP transformation. In this role he monitors regulatory activities and their impacts on GENBAND customers and works with industry experts to identify strategic trends in the communications market. He works closely with product and sales teams to develop and recommend solutions that satisfy the customer needs arising from those trends. He is assigned to the ATIS IP-Transition of Public Safety Related Applications Task Force (PSRA-TF) Committee, the ATIS-SIP Forum IP-NNI Task Force, and is a member of the FCC Technological Advisory Council working on PSTN transition issues.

Prior to joining GENBAND, John spent 27 years at Nortel where he held various roles in Marketing, Sales, Technical Support and Customer Service. His notable programs include running the TAS/ ETAS organization, initiation and delivery of Nortel's Number Portability program and the delivery of the CS2000 and CS2000 Compact to support the roll out of Voice over IP to the global market. Later, John was instrumental in gaining approval for the CS1500 soft switch to deliver advanced services to rural market customers.

John has a Degree in Architecture from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and has completed the Program for Technology Managers at the Kenan-Flagler School of Business at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.



Andrew Hutton - Unify

Andrew Hutton is Head of Standardization at Unify and has over 25 years experience within the communications industry. Andy is an experienced software engineer with extensive knowledge of communications protocols.

Prior to his current role at Unify, Andy gained many years’ hands on experience developing SIP-based communications products (SIP Phones, Gateways and Servers) and related interworking and deployment issues. Andy has been engaged in many projects related to SIP-based multi-vendor connectivity and interoperability.

An active supporter of open standards-based communications; Andy is active in the IETF as well as in other International standards organizations and forums such as EENA (European Emergency Number Association) and the W3C. Andy is also a Chartered IT Professional member of the British Computer Society (MBCS CITP).



Dr. Alan Johnston - Avaya

Dr. Alan Johnston, Consulting Member of Technical Staff in Avaya’s Unified Communications division, has been involved with SIP and VoIP since the mid 1990s. While a Distinguished Technical Member at MCI, he served as an architect of the first enterprise SIP VoIP product in the United States. He is also an adjunct assistant professor of electrical and systems engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. He is a co-author of the SIP protocol specification RFC 3261, and editor of the Basic and PSTN call flows BCP (Best Current Practices) documents, RFC 3665 and RFC 3666 and several other RFCs. His recent areas of work include the SIP Service Examples, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) SIP and security, where he has co-authored the ZRTP protocol. Dr. Johnston has authored or co-authored four books on SIP including the best selling “SIP: Understanding the Session Initiation Protocol”, “Understanding Voice over IP Security” “SIP Beyond VoIP” and “Internet Communications Using SIP”. He also wrote the Foreword for Avaya’s “SIP Communications for Dummies”. He is also co-chair of the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) Centralized Conferencing Working Group. He holds a Bachelor's of Engineering degree with Honours from the University of Melbourne, Australia, and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA.



Robert Kinder - Cox Communications

Robert Kinder is a Sr. Product Development Manager with Cox Business, a $1.6B division of Cox Communications where he’s responsible for the specification, development and launch of IMS and SIP Voice services. With over 25 years of experience, Robert previously held positions in Product Operations, Product Management and Distinguished Member Technical Staff with Cox Business, Tollgrade and Siemens for a variety of SIP, PacketCable, softswitch and BSS/OSS products.

Robert has a deep operational understanding of SIP networks and applications. Working directly with hardware/software manufacturers and end-customers, Robert has a direct appreciation of how SIP interoperability challenges impact field deployments and ideas for what can be done through the SIP Forum to improve SIP interworking.



Gary Richenaker - iconectiv

Gary Richenaker has been in Telecommunications for over 38 years and his most recent assignment is Principal Solutions Architect at iconectiv. His role is to monitor and understand new technologies, to assess its impact on the existing products and services as well as identify how that technology can be used in the formulation of new products and services.

Prior to the iconectiv assignment, Gary served as Sr. Director – Strategic Technical Initiatives at Neustar and prior to that as Chief Architect at Telcordia’s Interconnection Solutions. His career with iconectiv, NeuStar, Telcordia, Bellcore, and Bell Laboratories has included responsibilities in technical analysis, strategic planning, marketing, planning and forecasting.

Gary has been involved in domestic and international standards since 1991 and presently holds a number of industry leadership positions including Co-Chair of the ATIS Test bed Landscape Team (TLT) and editor the ATIS/SIP Forum IP NNI Routing Document. Gary has also been Rapporteur of the ITU-T Numbering Question (SG2/1), Chairman of the US ENUM Forum, and Chairman of the US Study Group A Ad-Hoc on Numbering, Routing and Services. He is also Past-Chairman of the US IMSI Oversight Council (IOC), and the US Study Group A Ad-Hoc on ENUM.

Gary holds an MBA and a BS in Economics.



Greg Rogers - Bandwidth.com

Greg is Deputy General Counsel for Bandwidth.com, Inc. in Bandwidth’s office in Denver, CO. As Deputy General Counsel, Greg is primarily responsible for Bandwidth’s wide array of regulatory and public policy matters at all levels of government. Bandwidth is a multi-faceted communications service provider that operates a nation-wide all IP-based network from its headquarters in Raleigh, NC.

Bandwidth.com, LLC is a CLEC with a local PSTN interconnection and NANP footprint that spans the 48 continental states. Bandwidth’s CLEC network is a critical component of its full suite of VoIP and SMS/MMS service offerings. Bandwidth also operates a nation-wide 911 VPC network aimed at supporting emergency calling for IP-enabled services. As a wholesale provider, Bandwidth is also one of the largest Toll Free Resporgs in the country. Finally, among its retail service offerings, Bandwidth operates Republic Wireless, a leading innovator in the mobile VoIP and wireless services space.

Greg has been Deputy General Counsel at Bandwidth since 2010. Prior to joining Bandwidth, he was in-house regulatory counsel for Level 3 Communications for over a decade. Greg is a graduate of the University of Colorado School of Law in Boulder, CO.



Gonzalo Salgueiro - Cisco Systems

Gonzalo Salgueiro is a Principal Engineer at Cisco. He is an established subject matter expert and industry thought leader in Collaboration technologies, multimedia communications protocols and architectures as well as network design and deployment of real-time voice/video/data over IP. Recently, Gonzalo has been focusing on various emerging technologies and the Services opportunities they offer. His current areas of focus are WebRTC and the IoT.

As a member of the Global Technical Center (GTC), Gonzalo helps shape technical and organizational strategy, leads innovation initiatives for the Technical Leader community, as well as drives engineering excellence in support of customer success. For many years Gonzalo was an Escalation Engineer and senior advisor for many of Cisco's largest and most critical UC networks. Gonzalo's engineering and industry engagements coupled with his Services background give him a unique perspective on real-time communications architectures and how they can deliver customer value.

Gonzalo is an established member of numerous industry organizations and is a regular presenter and distinguished speaker at a variety of technical industry conferences and Cisco events around the world. He currently holds various industry leadership roles, including serving as a member of the Board of Directors of the SIP Forum, co-chair of the INSIPID Working Group in the IETF and co-chair of the WebRTC Task Group, IPv6 Task Group and FoIP Task Group in the SIP Forum. He is an active contributor to various industry organizations and standardization activities in the IETF, ITU, IEEE, SIP Forum, W3C and the IMTC.

After 17+ years of work in networking and real-time communications, Gonzalo has co-authored a book, 12 IETF RFCs, 1 IEEE and 4 ITU contributions, numerous white papers and academic research papers on various technical topics. He is also co-inventor of eleven patents (issued and pending) and has contributed to various open source development efforts. He holds an M.S. in Physics from the University of Miami.



Gernot Scheichl - Edgewater Networks

Gernot Scheichl has over 20 years experience in the networking industry in a variety of business development, sales and customer support roles. Mr. Scheichl is the VP of Support and Services at Edgewater where he is responsible for customer support, systems engineering and professional services.

Mr. Scheichl joined Edgewater from First Virtual Communications where he held a number of senior positions in worldwide support and international business development. Mr. Scheichl holds a degree in Electronic Engineering and Information Technology from the Technical University Vienna, Austria.



Chris Wendt - Comcast

Chris Wendt is currently Principal Lead Architect for Comcast IP Communications platform services, formerly part of the CTO office at Comcast. For much of Chris's 20-year professional career, he has been involved in multimedia communications, from early work at Bell Labs on DSP algorithms for 3D positional audio and low-bitrate voice codec work using the MBone VoIP network, to RTSP streaming of MPEG-4 video, audio, and 3D facial animation, to his current work with Comcast on one of the largest current deployments of IMS/SIP and latest focus on WebRTC-based next generation communications and applications. Chris has held positions including software architect of mobile chipset multimedia solutions, leading small startup software engineering teams building video streaming services, and spent 4 years as an independent consultant on many projects involving video/audio codecs and IP streaming.

Chris is currently a co-chair of the ATIS/SIP Forum NNI Task Force and follows closely activities in the 3GPP, IETF and W3C. He holds a BS in Music, and a BSEE, and MSEE from Drexel University in Philadelphia.




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