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Admin practices TG Overview and Charter

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Chair: Marc Robins – (SIP Forum)
Meetings: Meetings take place ad-hoc. If you would like to be informed about upcoming meetings, please contact the managing director at

Task Group Charter

The primary goal of the Administrative Process Task Group is to create and maintain SIP Forum Recommendations for topic areas including:

  • Task Group – Formation & termination
  • Recommendations – Definition of process used to create Recommendations
  • Copyright policy – Description of copyright relationship between submitters, the SIP Forum, & third parties
  • Patent policy – Description of the policy of the SIP Forum relative to the inclusion of technology or methods on which the submitter, the SIP Forum, or a third party assert a claim of IPR


This Task Group has been established after the initial drafts of the captioned documents have been created, and will be the group that is responsible for carrying these documents through to Adoption.

Adopted Recommendations

  • SIP Forum Copyrights and Trademarks Rights in Contributing Policy v.1.0
  • Recommendation Recommendation Policy v.1.0
  • SIP Forum Task Group Recommendation v5

(Retrieve these from the Active Documents Repository.)

Active draft Recommendations

(Retrieve these from the Draft Documents Repository.)

  • sf-draft-admin-batson-iprpolicy-v3