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Marketing WG Overview

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Chair: Marc Robins –
Participants: Richard Shockey – Shockey Consulting and SIP Forum Chairman

Working Group Charter

The primary goal of the Marketing Working Group is to promote the advancement of the SIP products and services industry by creating and managing the outbound communications about the SIP Forum and the industry, as well as create and manage the internal communications from the SIP Forum to its members. In conjunction with these activities, the Marketing Working Group will manage trade show activities and speaking opportunities, handle public relations, coordinate membership drives, directly or indirectly acquire and provide market research relevant to members, and create (or assist creating) print and electronic publications on current relevant industry and technical topics. The Marketing Working Group will use both member volunteers and outside consultants to accomplish these goals.

Participation in the Working Group

Participation in the Marketing Work Group is open to any SIP Forum member, including members at either a full or participant level. If you are a SIP Forum member and would like to participate in the Marketing Work Group, please subscribe to the mailing list above, and simply begin participating.


The Marketing WG will meet on a regular basis both virtually as well as face-to-face when appropriate.

Work Group Projects

  • SIP Forum White Papers (4)
  • Monthly newsletter
  • SIP Forum Web Site Content generation
  • Multi-vendor Showcases and Demos
  • SIP Conferencing Pilot for Forum Calls
  • SIPit Promotion
  • Endorsement of and Presence at Relevant Industry Events
  • Press Relations, News
  • Development of Marketing Collateral

For more information about the Marketing WG role and activities, please contact Marc Robins, SIP Forum Managing Director, at