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Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Wed Feb 17 14:14:18 EST 2010

Gonzalo Salgueiro wrote:

> One of the ideas that we tossed around in today's meeting was merging the Fax Problem Statement that we have submitted to the IETF with the Problem Statement related to SIP/SDP Negotiation that Kevin has done so much work on.  The aim would be to address Cullen's statement:
>> The more important part to publish IMHO is documenting some issues, problems, deficiencies and/or bugs in some IETF specifications that are leading to lack of interoperability in deployments. That type of problem statement would be great information to get written down in a concrete form that allows the appropriate WG to go fix the problems.
> Does this group see value in combining these documents into a single one? Will it satisfy Cullen's concerns? Does it make sense for the FoIP TG to have a unified Problem Statement document?
> I have added the thread with Cullen's comments below. Please review and provide feedback.

I had that same thought a couple of days ago, when I was sending the
final SDP problem statement to Marc for publication... once it is
published, I was going to respond to Cullen's query with a link to it to
see if that provided more basis for the larger problem statement being
published. I think that combining them might very well be the best
option, because of all the top-level problems we identified to be worked
on, the SIP/SDP sections are the most IETF-relevant.

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