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file icon White Paper Draft -- Applicability of SIP in SmartGrid Demand & Response Communicationhot!

A Demand Response (DR) program is a critical component, typically developed and offered by Utility companies/ISOs that offer participants to contribute effectively for better energy load management/ reduction. Typical participants include individuals as well as small and large corporations. A DR program typically ties in with a dynamic pricing scheme for electricity where participants, depending on a variety of factors (such as time of day, price etc.) can actively participate in requesting a Utility for increase or reduction of electricity demand. While this helps in cost reduction for participants, it significantly helps Utility/ISOs reduce their own cost and manage distribution of electricity (which is a finite resource) better. Several Utilities/ISOs offer incentive programs to participants for taking part in DR programs (consider a larger enterprise which can request its Utility to shed load from 10PM – 3AM due to reduced work loads). In addition to DR, automation of DR is a key concept which helps reduce human intervention and increases accuracy and responsiveness to the DR program.

The primary goal of a DR system is to improve electricity grid reliability and reduce peak electricity prices by reducing peak demand. A DR system also plays a critical role during emergencies and/or contingencies.

The SIP Forum SIG believes that protocols such as SIP are an ideal fit for the DR ecosystem and offers significant advantages in being able to lay out an event driven architecture for such as DR system and its automation. Furthermore, we believe using SIP will offer significant advantages to DR systems in terms of customization automation programs, creating bidding scenarios and new services easily that may not exist today.

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file icon SIP: Open Communications For Smart Grid Deviceshot!

This is a "position paper" published by Siemens Enterprise Communications.

Hits: 1746
file icon SIP Meets Zigbeehot!

This is a link to a whitepaper authored by Slobodanka Tomic and Petia Todorova, who have put together the framework of SIP, which is the protocol of choice for Next Generation Networks (NGN) and has been gradually expanded to support context-based multimedia communication, and ZigBee, an evolving standard for data dissemination and distributed control in sensor and actuator networks supporting automation and monitoring applications. Their main contribution is the proposed SIP-ZigBee interworking architecture and the mapping between the ZigBee binding mechanisms and publish/subscribe/notify mechanisms of SIP presence framework.

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file icon IETF ID -- Motivation for SIP as an application protocol for 6lowpan deviceshot!

The Smart Grid initiative is an effort in modernization of the electricity grid using communication technology with the primary goals of reducing energy consumption, reducing cost (utilities and consumers), increasing reliability and the creation of new services for all participants in the value chain. The core focus of this initiative is the specification of a 'Communications Overlay' network which can help facilitate intelligent communication discovery, session establishment, routing, addressing to name a few) between various nodes of the heterogeneous Smart Grid network.

One of the 'network segments' of the Smart Grid network is the Home Area Network (HAN) and how residential and/or commercial devices such as TV, washing machine, surveillance camera, etc.) interact with the smart meter/energy management system and vice-versa.

This ID submitted to the IETF by A. Roychowdhury, Hughes Systique, and S. Gouran, Home Jinni Inc., is an initial input for consideration of SIP as an appropriate application protocol for use inside devices that operate over low powered IP networks.

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file icon HomeSIP: Building a Smart Space with SIP Protocolhot!

This is the website of the "HomeSIP Project: Using the SIP Protocol for Home Automation and M2M", which hosts a number of useful documents, links, and other resources.

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file icon Applicability of SIP in the Smart Grid Ecosystemhot!

This image depicts the various areas within the smartgrid ecosystem that SIP as a protocol may be applicable for. This reference image will also be areas where this SIG will be conducting research and detailed study on the mechanics of how SIP can map, its advantages and/or challenges. This image will continue to evolve over time.

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file icon A SIP-based Device Communication Service for OSGi Frameworkhot!

This paper, authored by Dennis Bushmitch, Wanrong Lin, Andrzej Bieszczad and Alan Kaplan of Panasonic Technologies, and Vasilis Papageorgiou and Algirdas Pakstas of London Metropolitan University, outlines an approach toward extending the OSGi (Open Services Gateway Initiative) framework to support interoperability with mobile devices. The approach is based on the use of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), which is likely to be employed by nextgeneration mobile networks. The extensions to OSGi allow a SIP device to participate in an OSGi platform and allow OSGi services to be exported into a mobile (SIP-based) environment. In this paper, we propose an architecture supporting the integration of SIP with OSGi, provide some application scenarios and describe the details of the SIP Service for OSGi.

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