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SIP internet drafts statistics

  • 24 SIP related internet drafts (IETF).
  • 0 new and updated drafts posted in the last 14 days.

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file icon 9. Emerging Standards for SIP and other Real-time Applications & Infrastructurehot!

Presented by Mary Barnes, Polycom and the IETF.

This session provides an overview of current SIP and related standards activities underway in the IETF. Conferees will come away with insight into future network and endpoint functionality, as well as understand the process for evolving and developing SIP and other Real-time Applications and Infrastructure protocols.

Hits: 2226
file icon 8. Cox Business SIP Trunking Deploymentshot!

Presented by Robert Kinder, Cox Communications.

This session will examine SIP Trunking network design, and small, medium and large enterprise deployments and operational challenges, all gained from the unique perspective and operational experience of Cox Communications’ rollout of SIP trunking services.

Hits: 3314
file icon 7. Practical DNS SRV Failover in SIPhot!

Presented by Torrey Searle, Voxbone.

This session will explore how Voxbone operates a global VoIP backbone that was custom developed around SIPcompliant open source elements. One of the key contributing elements to the high availability of Voxbone's network is DNS SRV, a powerful tool for specifying load balancing and failover rules for SIP clusters. This session looks into how DNS SRV works in SIP and, more importantly, into the limitations in the current RFCs encountered over the years by implementing it. Finally, the session will propose a couple of improvements that could make fail-over even faster and more effective.

Hits: 6220
file icon 6. Engineering SIP Timers End-to-End for Optimal Network Performancehot!

Presented by Samuel Rausch, Comcast Cable.

This session will provide VoIP Network Operators a more holistic view of the effects of SIP timers in their network. Optimal SIP timers allow the operator to predict and control the behavior of their entire network, which is essential to providing a high-quality customer experience and ultimately better customer retention.

Hits: 9898
file icon 5. Wholesale Provider Case Study: TDM to SIP Migrationhot!

Presented by Bill Salmon, InComm Network Services

Hits: 1794
file icon 4. Telephony SIP End-to-End Performance Metricshot!

Presented by Daryl Malas, CableLabs.

This session will focus on a new IETF RFC (RFC 6076), which defines a set of metrics and their usage to evaluate the performance of end-to-end Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for telephony services in both production and testing environments. This session will examine a methodology for combining a standard set of common metrics, allowing interoperable performance measurements, easing the comparison of industry implementations. This will benefit network operators, who often collect information on the responsiveness of the network to customer requests for services.

Hits: 5211
file icon 3. Challenges and Lessons Learned in Implementing SIP-based Communications Serviceshot!

Presented by Govindaramani Panduragan, XO Communications.

This session will address the challenges, successes and lessons learned in implementing SIP Trunk services to Business Customers and posit upcoming areas where the industry may need to develop consensus and best practices.

Hits: 1537
file icon 12. The Technological Roadblocks to the Deployment of Ubiquitous HD Voicehot!

Presented by Andy Allison, Polycom.

This session will explore where HD Voice has successfully been deployed and review the challenges and lessons-learned deploying the technology today.

Hits: 2088
file icon 11. Where Did My 10% Capacity Go?hot!

Presented by Yi Chu, Sprint Nextel.

This session will focus on an inefficiency resulting from HDLC framing and G.711 code words.

Hits: 1199
file icon 10. Media Madness, Part 1hot!

Presented by David Hiers, ADP, and VoiceOps.

This session will be centered around the first two of four different media-related interop and defect issues that the presenter solved (the last two issues will be covered in a follow-on session the next day). The cases illustrate defects in the protocols, what happens when you don’t follow the protocols, bad things that can happen in spite of accurate and well intentioned protocol implementations, and the risks inherent in dancing around the protocols.

Hits: 1547
file icon 1. SIP Forum Overview and Review of Technical Activitieshot!

Presented by Richard Shockey, SIP Forum Chairman of the Board and Chair Technical Working Group, and Marc Robins SIP Forum President and Managing Director

Hits: 1912


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